Texas Tech University

On State Authorization

Texas Tech University Approved to Participate in NC-SARA

by Tom Dolan

Texas Tech University received a letter of approval February 8, 2016 to participate in the state authorization reciprocity (SARA) initiative of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). Participation in SARA allows Texas Tech to conduct a variety of higher education-related activities in member states, territories and military bases outside of the state of Texas without seeking prior approval from each state.

Allowed educational activities under SARA include enrolling individual students residing in other states in online programs and courses, proctoring exams, conducting limited recruiting and advertising targeted at students, limited student participation in internship and clinical opportunities, and hiring faculty to teach Texas Tech students while residing in a state other than Texas. The agreement does not allow for establishing any physical locations outside of the state of Texas.

Questions, comments, and specific inquiries may be addressed to Tom Dolan, Associate Director, TTU Worldwide eLearning, tom.dolan@ttu.edu, (806) 834-0343.