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TTU Llano River Field Station to Host Texas Envirothon

by Timothy Howard, Digital Media Coordinator

Texas Tech University Center at Junction in Junction, Texas, is home to the Llano River Field Station (LRFS), which serves as a destination for Hill Country scientific research, nature and ecotourism, ecosystem and water resource management.  TTU at Junction boasts many educational opportunities and training programs for K-12, undergraduate and graduate students from numerous universities, landowners and the public. The LRFS will be hosting the Texas Envirothon in April, a national program that has been called "North America's largest and most academically challenging high school environmental competition."

The Envirothon is a team competition with the goal of furthering students' environmental literacy and abilities to make informed decisions about the environment. Teams of five students each will work together to answer questions revolving around wildlife biology, forestry, aquatics, soil science and a current environmental issue. The LRFS will provide a setting for students to be tested outdoors and apply their knowledge to solving real-world problems.

The Director of the Llano River Field Station, Dr. Tom Arsuffi, reflected on the excitement of being able to host the Envirothon at TTU Center at Junction. "It is another feather in TTU and the Llano River Field Station's cap, said Arsuffi. "It is also further evidence that we are the education and engagement destination where researchers, students and visitors of all ages can come and learn about the Hill Country's unique lands, waters and heritage."

Dr. Arsuffi also expressed why he believes the LRFS will be an excellent site to host the event.

"Location, Location, Location! The Llano River Field Station is located on the banks of the beautiful South Llano River and our rich diversity in habitat, bird and wildlife lends itself as the perfect location for this years national Envirothon theme: Agriculture: Soil and Water Conservation."

The Site Director of TTU Center at Junction, Robert Stubblefield, also weighed in on what his hopes are for the students participating in the Envirothon.

"As tomorrow's decision makers, I hope the students can gain a better understanding of why it is so vitally important to maintain, conserve and protect wild places like the LRFS for future generations," Stubblefield said.

Stubblefield and Arsuffi both view the Llano River Field Station as a critical asset in TTU's portfolio of research, education and engagement and are excited to see how even more untapped potential at the site will be realized going forward. The Texas Envirothon will be held April 8 -10 with 25 different schools of students grades 9 through 12 participating. The winning team will go on to participate in the national competition in Emmitsburg, Maryland, July 23-29.

Texas Tech University Worldwide eLearning wishes all participants the best of luck!


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South Llano River

The Llano River Field Station is located along the banks of the South Llano River.

Tom Arsuffi

Dr. Tom Arsuffi, Director of the Llano River Field Station.

Marble Falls OLLI
Robert Stubblefield, Director of Operations, TTU at Junction.