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TTU at Collin First Annual Presidential Reception

by Joshua Blount, Senior Editor

Texas Tech University strives to reach as many students as possible to provide an education despite their physical location. One response to that need are the TTU regional sites, and one such being Texas Tech University at Collin. Located at the Collin Higher Education Center, TTU at Collin allows students in the surrounding area to earn a TTU degree without the hassle of commuting or switching residencies. Recently, TTU at Collin hosted their First Annual Presidential Reception. The event provided prospective students and current students the opportunity to meet and network with members of the Red Raider Community.

Some participants included Dr. Michael Galyean (Interim Provost,) Jim Douglass (Associate Vice President of the Texas Tech Alumni Association,) and Dr. Melanie Hart (Vice Provost of eLearning.) Also among the participants of this event was Jameshia Granberry, the Director for Texas Tech University at Collin. Granberry commented about the event stating, "Our main goal for students is to provide all the support necessary to help students succeed and earn a Texas Tech University degree. We want our students to be excited about our great professors, beautiful learning facilities, and vast amount of resources all available here in Collin County."

In addition to giving students the opportunity to network with members of the Red Raider community, the reception also served as a great way to introduce students to the history and traditions of Texas Tech University and some benefits of attending TTU at Collin. According to Granberry, "For students who complete up to 72 hours at Collin College (or any other community college) and then transfer to Texas Tech University at Collin, students can complete a bachelor's degree at a significant cost savings and phenomenal value for the DFW area."

Texas Tech University at Collin provides an excellent opportunity for students interested in joining the Texas Tech family.


You don't have to live in Lubbock to pursue a degree from Texas Tech University. Seven unique regional teaching sites extend our reach across the state so that your educational goals can be achieved from anywhere. With the programs offered, you can prepare for a variety of careers without leaving your home community. The degrees earned from Texas Tech regional sites are the same as those earned on the main campus in Lubbock.

Michael Galyean

Michael Galyean speaks to the group attending the
Presidential Reception in Collin.

TTU @ Collin Presidential Reception

Reception attendees attentively watch the presenter.

TTU @ Collin Presidential Reception

Jim Douglass and attendees during a discussion at the
Presidential Reception, TTU at Collin.