Texas Tech University

New Technology Notes

Turning Point Cloud

by Ron Nail

Texas Tech is moving to the new version of the Turning Technologies clicker software, Turning Point Cloud, for Fall 2016, and there will be new ISBNs associated with response device bundles and the Responseware mobile app.

A Turning Point Cloud bundle is available through the campus and local bookstores, or the online student store, which gives them not only a response device, but a one year license for a Turning Account. The license for the mobile Responseware app is included at no additional charge. This means the student can use a response device or the Responseware app in class (as long as the faculty member allows mobile in their class. Faculty decide whether or not mobile is allowed and must launch a Responseware session in order for the student to use the mobile app).

Texas Tech will make two device bundles available to their faculty: the RF LCD, which has been used on campus for some time, and the new QT2, which allows faculty to use short answer question types. All devices must be licensed, and the bundle includes a one year license with the device at no additional charge.

Students that already have a clicker from a previous semester will need to purchase a license. For the first year we will offer a rebate card for the full amount of the cost of the 1 year license - $20.99. The rebate cards will be available in the bookstores, or the on-line student store. If they have an existing RF LCD or the white QT clicker with the Qwerty keyboard, those will still work with the new software, but they will need to purchase the license, redeem the code during the clicker registration process and mail in the rebate form along with their receipt from the purchase. The One Year License also serves as a license for the mobile app Responseware.