Texas Tech University

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The Beauty of TTU Center at Junction

by Timothy Howard, Social Media Coordinator

Located along the beautiful South Llano River in Junction, Texas Tech University Center at Junction serves as a location for outdoor research and learning for students of all ages. Dr. Justin Louder, David Hankins and I recently took a trip to TTU Center at Junction to visit with the wonderful faculty and staff. While taking a tour of the grounds, I was given the opportunity to photograph some of the breathtaking sights and charming facilities. In the photo album below, see TTU Center at Junction in March.

Though these photos show some of the beauty of the site, they cannot compare to seeing it in person. TTU Center at Junction is always hosting events for various organizations. Come and see it for yourself!


You don't have to live in Lubbock to pursue a degree from Texas Tech University. Seven unique regional teaching sites extend our reach across the state so that your educational goals can be achieved from anywhere. With the programs offered, you can prepare for a variety of careers without leaving your home community. The degrees earned from Texas Tech regional sites are the same as those earned on the main campus in Lubbock.