Texas Tech University

For Faculty

Online Accessibility Chat: Wednesdays at 10am

by Jackie Luft, Ed.D

ADA compliance with online instructional material is a topic that is on the minds of anyone who teaches online. There are many questions about how accessible materials can be created and multiple ways to provide accessible online courses.

This hour-long weekly chat, Wednesdays at 10am, allows participants to ask questions about a variety of accessibility concerns. Some topics that will be discussed include, but are not limited to:

  • text equivalents to PowerPoint presentations
  • synchronized captions
  • using styles in Word documents
  • creating accessible instructional videos
  • much more! 

Online Accessibility Chat will be hosted through Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. The first chat will be on November 16 at 10am. If you have a questions or suggestions for the Online Accessibility chat, you can type it in the chat box, or email elearning.oa@ttu.edu ahead of time.

Before you join the chat, make sure that you are using Chrome and update the browser with the Chrome Desktop Sharing Extension for application sharing.  It is necessary for sharing desktop/documents. Find details on this extension at Ultra Experience - Installing the Chrome Desktop Sharing Extension

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