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Nature Makes the Best Classroom

Texas Tech University Center at Junction

by Timothy Howard

Junction, Texas, is home to a regional site that makes earning an education seem more like an adventure than a chore. Located on 411 acres of pristine Hill Country land along the south Llano River, Texas Tech University Center at Junction is home to the Llano River Field Station. Undergraduate and graduate students from many universities and institutions use the Field Station as a classroom and laboratory environment over the course of their studies.

The site also hosts the Outdoor School at Texas Tech University Center at Junction, an educational program providing immersive science, technology, engineering and math learning opportunities for K – 12 students.

The changing seasons bring a variety of different events to TTU Center at Junction. The Hill Country STEM Natural Resource Adventure, a free outdoor camp for junior high students, is offered in the summers. In December, the trails winding through the site are lit up with over 1,200 candles for the holiday Trail of Lights.

There is no shortage of wildlife with the site containing many different types of plant, animal, and insect specimens. Deer, owls, hawks, eagles, raccoons, porcupines and hummingbirds are just a fraction of the wildlife that can be seen. The Llano River is also home to many types of fish and aquatic wildlife, providing even more specimens for researchers to study.

Texas Tech University Center at Junction Site Director Robert Stubblefield enjoys taking up-close photos of the diverse wildlife at the site. See a slideshow of some of Robert Stubblefield's photos below. Texas Tech University Center at Junction hopes that Texas Tech students and alumni feel welcome to come and experience the site for themselves!

Photography by Robert Stubblefield, Site Director,
Texas Tech University Center at Junction


You don't have to live in Lubbock to pursue a degree from Texas Tech University. With seven unique regional teaching sites extending our reach across the state, your educational goals can be achieved from anywhere. With the programs offered, you can prepare for a variety of careers without leaving your home community. The degrees earned from Texas Tech regional sites are the same as those earned on the main campus in Lubbock.