Texas Tech University

Master of Civil Engineering

Offered by the Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering
Available: Online Print

Program Overview

Minimum Hours: 36
Prerequisite: Bachelor's Degree


This program has not started. The following will provide an idea of what will be available. Please check back for status updates.

A student in the Master of Science in Civil Engineering will initially specialize in the principal sub-discipline of structural engineering or in construction engineering and management in this degree program. Three degree options are available: the thesis-option student completes 24 hours of coursework, performs 6 credit hours of independent research, and writes a thesis based on the findings of the research; the report-option student completes 27 hours of coursework and writes a report (3 hours) on a selected topic. The courses only option allows a student to take 30 hours of course work and pass a comprehensive exam.

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