Printer Installation

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Windows 7

You must be connected to the TTU Network (WiFi or Ethernet)

  • From the Windows Start Menu, in search bar enter: \\
  • When asked to sign in, use your eraider credentials:
    • username: ttu\eraider name
    • password: eraider password
    • Domain: TTU
    • Double click printer you want to install and allow Windows to install driver

Printing with OS X

Before proceeding, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion users should verify that all updates for HP printers have been applied. To verify go to Apple menu > Software Update. Please install all HP printer software updates.

If printers did not install correctly after using script. Follow the links to below to install driver for the specific printer you need. Download the printer drivers only. Then delete printers from System Preferences and run the script again.

Download specific drivers following these links:

Download this installer script to install printers on to your Mac system. Click here.

Mac Printer Installer Script Instructions:

  • Download the printer installer for  Mac OS X (pending update)
  • If you receive a warning that the file is an application and may harm your computer, it is safe to proceed with downloading this software.
  • A file called leopard.command will be placed on your desktop or downloads folder
  • Double-click the leopard.command application.
  • A text box will be displayed: Follow the onscreen instructions to add the printers to your computer
  • When printing to a printer the first time, your job is held in the printer. Resuming the queue will bring up an authentication dialog. Log in with TTU\ and your username, and your eRaider password.
  • Passwords are stored in the KeyChain. When changing your eRaider password, open KeyChain Access and change every entry for TTU services (e.g. architecture printers, wireless, file servers, or VPN).