Texas Tech University

Multi-cultural Core Curriculum


According to the 2009-2010 Texas Tech University Catalog, these courses satisfy TTU's multicultural core curriculum requirement:

  • ENGL 2371 - Language in a Multicultural America
  • ENGL 3335 - Ancient and Medieval World Literature
  • ENGL 3336 - Early Modern World Literature
  • ENGL 3337 - Modern and Contemporary World Literature
  • ENGL 3387 - Multicultural Literatures of America
  • ENGL 3390 - Literatures of the Southwest

Writing your syllabus

Your syllabus must provide the following information in the following order:

  • The first item in the syllabus must be the course's purpose statement. The purpose statement must specify to students that the course fulfills the Multicultural requirement for TTU's Core Curriculum.
  • The second item is the list of learning outcomes and assessments. At least one of the following outcomes specified for the Multicultural Core Curriculum category must be included in the list of learning outcomes:
    • Demonstrate awareness and knowledge of cultural differences within one or more distinctive sub-cultures of the United States, or
    • Demonstrate awareness and knowledge of cultural differences within one of more global societies (Outside the U.S.)
    • The learning outcome statements must be paired with methods of assessment for each outcome (i.e., one or more assessment methods for each outcome).
  • Third is the competency statement for the Multicultural category: that is, “Students graduating from Texas Tech University should be able to: demonstrate awareness and knowledge of distinctive cultures or sub-cultures including but not limited to ethnicity, gender, class, political systems, religions, languages, or human geography.”

Uploading your syllabus

The Core Curriculum Committee has established a new requirement that current syllabi for all core curriculum courses be available for review. If you are teaching one of the following courses this semester, please upload your syllabus to the Core Curriculum website