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Dr. Kelli Cargile Cook

Kelli Cargile Cook

Ph.D. Texas Tech | Class of 2000

  1. What is the best part about teaching students in our program?Our TTU students are remarkable. Many of them matriculate with years of work experience. I find that I learn with our students as much as I teach them. I believe that our students create a strong academic/industry bridge, spanning the gap between these two divergent aspects of our field. It pleases me that our student population is rich in academic and industry experience.
  2. What one thing would you like the world to know about Tech Comm & Rhetoric at TTU?I am especially proud of our service in professional organizations. Our faculty members hold or have held many leadership roles in technical communication professional organizations. Our students are equally as committed to professional service, and I am thrilled to see our students and alumni continuing this tradition. When people think of Technical Communication and Rhetoric at TTU, I'd like for them to think of us as good citizens and strong leaders in our national and international professional organizations.
  3. What's your next big scholarly project?I wish that I had only one project in the works, but I always seem to have multiple projects working simultaneously. Right now, I have three projects at various stages of completion: First, I have an introductory technical communication textbook, The Agile Communicator, which I'd like to finish in the next year or so. My second project is to continue developing connections with international partners in the Republic of Korea and elsewhere.  To make this second project happen, I plan to work with the international committees of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing and the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication to identify opportunities for international partnerships. Finally, Dr. Rebecca Rickly and I are working on a new open-source journal that showcases research methods in writing studies. This project is in very preliminary stages, but I'm excited about its possibilities.