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Comparative literature is designed for students who are interested in critical studies of literatures and cultures across national boundaries. The program provides a minor for the Bachelor of Arts degree. The minor consists of 18 hours of courses, 3 hours of which must be at the 4000 level. Students may apply 6 hours of sophomore-level course work from either the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures or the Department of English if such course work is not in the student's major field. Students not majoring in a foreign language must complete at least 3 hours at the junior or senior level in a foreign language. Comparative literature minors must take at least 6 hours from the following courses: CLAS 3350, C LT 4300, 4305, 4317, CMLL 2305, ENGL 3337, 3384, 3389, GERM 2312, HUM 2301, 2302, SLAV 2301, and W S 4310. Individual minor programs are arranged by the student and the Director of the Program on Comparative Literature. This minor may not include course work in the student's major field unless such course work is over and above the minimum catalog requirements for the major.

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