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English Department IT

Requesting Technology Help

Before requesting assistance, please search our Knowledge Base for answers.

For technology issues specific to the English Department, such as online classroom accessibility and our virtual servers, contact the English IT Department. We will contact you as soon as possible.

General technology-related issues, such as setting up your eRaider account, configuring your email or connecting to the TTU wireless network are handled by the main TTU IT Division.


General Computer Help

General Computer FAQ
Provides answers to common questions and issues, such as setting up your eRaider account, accessing your TechMail, and connecting to the TTU Wireless network.

Search the English IT Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base contains information regarding specific software, such as Nvivo, Windows Media Server, and Camtasia.  Information for hardware, such as copiers, printers and AV equipment can also be found here.  Articles are frequently updated by TTU IT staff.  

Texas Tech University IT Help Central Website
If you have a computer related issue that is not addressed in the FAQ, Knowledge Base or at the IT Help Central website, you can submit a ticket.

Texas Tech University Libraries IT help
After business hours, if you have a problem accessing a database or other problems with the library website, follow this procedure.

  1. Call the circulation desk and ask them to call their IT help to address the problem.
  2. If the circulation desk tells you they don't have an afterhours number for library IT help OR if they tell you to contact main campus IT, call the after-hours IT support number yourself: 806.742.2220
  3. Fill out a 'contact us' form on the main library's page and tell them the databases were down. This email will not help get the databases up again, but it will let supervisors track how quickly the problem was addressed.

Media Lab
The Department of English began to develop the Media Lab in 2006 to support media-enhanced research, teaching, and service of English faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students


Computer, Equipment and Room Reservations

The Department of English has laptops, cameras and other equipment available for sign-out by both faculty and graduate students. If you need a room with specific technology resources, please place your room booking requests with Ashley Olguin.


Media Lab

The TTU Department of English Media Lab (362) supports the computer-mediated teaching, research, service, and grant writing work of students, faculty, administrators, and staff in the English department. Activities include printing, ePortfolio and webpage design, podcasting and audio recording, video capture and editing, multimodal writing, online courses, scanning, conference presenting, resume building, and more.

Contact english.medialab@ttu.edu or see http://www.depts.ttu.edu/english/medialab for more information.


Online and Hybrid Distance Programs

Distance Programs homepage

The TTU Department of English offers undergraduate and graduate courses in face-to-face, hybrid, and online models. All online courses are rigorous and semester-based. They require regularly, synchronous-chat meetings for participation and attendance. All courses are taught by highly-experienced instructors and professors.


Listserv Information

You are required to sign up for certain listservs according to your current involvement in the department. With listserv membership, you will receive vital information regarding payroll, department due dates and events, benefit updates, professional development meetings, workshops, schedule changes, and your degree plan


VoIP Services for Department "Phone Calls"


Google Voice