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Jerome McGann, "The Rationale of a Hypertext"
Peter Robinson, "Current Issues in Making Digital Editions of Medieval Texts – Or, do Electronic Scholarly Editions have a Future?"
Martha Nell Smith, "Computing: What's American Literary Study Got to Do with IT?"
Peter Schillingsburg, "Ideal Texts"

TEI Coding

TEI By Example (TBE) offers a series of freely available online tutorials walking individuals through the different stages in marking up a document in TEI (Text Encoding Initiative). Besides a general introduction to text encoding, step-by-step tutorial modules provide example-based introductions to eight different aspects of electronic text markup for the humanities. Each tutorial module is accompanied with a dedicated examples section, illustrating actual TEI encoding practice with real-life examples. The theory of the tutorial modules can be tested in interactive tests and exercises. The tutorial materials are contextualised with a TBE validator application, allowing you to test your TEI encoding as you type!


  • Peter Robinson “Ma(r)king the Electronic Text: How, Why, and For Whom?”
  • “A Gentle Introduction to XML”

Creating a Digital Humanities Project

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Funding a Digital Humanities Project

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