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Position Name Room Telephone
Department Chair Bruce Clarke 212H 806.834.7652
Associate Chair-Literature, Creative Writing, and Linguistics (LCWL) Marliss Desens 212D 806.834.1398
Associate Chair-Technical Communication and Rhetoric (TCR) Amy Koerber 211A 806.834.6090
Advising - Graduate Studies      
Literature, Creative Writing, and Linguistics Kanika Batra 211B 806.834.8984
Technical Communication and Rhetoric Christiana Christofides 478 806.283.1365
Advising - Undergraduate Studies      
English Eleanor Mode 211C 806.834.8986
Technical Communication and Rhetoric Eleanor Mode 211C 806.834.8986
Program Directors      
Composition Susan Lang 211D 806.834.8194
Creative Writing Jacqueline Kolosov 433 806.742.2501
Linguistics Min-Joo Kim 480 806.742.2501
Literary Studies-Graduate Kanika Batra 211B 806.834.8984
Literary Studies-Undergraduate Marta Kvande 432 806.834.6480
Technical Communication & Rhetoric - Undergraduate Kelli Cargile Cook 211A 806.834.6090
Technical Communication & Rhetoric - Graduate  Greg Wilson 312D 806.834.0267
Administrative Support      
Technical Communication & Rhetoric - Associate Director Christiana Christofides 478 806.283.1365
Building Maintenance and Room Bookings Ashley Olguin 212B 806.834.7359
Composition Program Assistant Director Monica Norris 211D 806.742.2500 x243
Computing and Information Technology Brandon Sires 356 806.834.6019
Graduate Assistant Quita Melcher 212E 806.834.2983
Lead Specialist Suzi Duffy 212C 806.834.5471
Travel and Evaluations Ashley Olguin 212C 806.834.7359
Personnel, Payroll and Budgets Juanita Ramirez 212G 806.834.5375


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