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Aaron Braver

Braver, Aaron

Assistant Professor in English | Ph.D. Rutgers

Office: 312C ENGL/PHIL
Email: aaron.braver@ttu.edu
Website: http://www.aaronbraver.com
Research Interests
Phonetics, phonology, and their interface; laboratory phonology; incomplete neutralization; sub- and supra-phonemic distinctions

Books Edited


  • Aaron Braver and Shigeto Kawahara. Incomplete Vowel Lengthening: Japanese Monomoraic Lengthening as Incomplete Neutralization. Proceedings of WCCFL 31. (to appear)
  • Shigeto Kawahara and Aaron Braver. The Phonetics of Emphatic Vowel Lengthening in Japanese. Open Journal of Modern Linguistics, Vol. 3(2). 2013.
  • Aaron Braver. Perception of Incompletely Neutralized /d/ and /t/ Flaps in American English. Proceedings of NELS 42. (in press)
  • Aaron Braver. Incomplete Neutralization in American English Flapping: A Production Study. In University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics 17(1): Proceedings of the 34th Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium. 2011.


Books Edited

  • Peter Staroverov, Daniel Altshuler, Aaron Braver, Carlos A. Fasola, and Sarah Murray. Rutgers Working Papers in Linguistics (RuWPL) 3. Rutgers Linguistics Graduate Student Association, New Brunswick, NJ. 2010.