Texas Tech University

Aaron Braver

 Dr. Aaron Braver

Assistant Professor in English

Ph.D. Rutgers
Office: 312C ENGL/PHIL
Email: aaron.braver@ttu.edu
Website: http://www.aaronbraver.com

Research Interests
Phonetics, phonology, and their interface; laboratory phonology; incomplete neutralization; sub- and supra-phonemic distinctions

Braver specializes in phonetics, phonology, and their interface, with an emphasis on non-contrastive distinctions.  His research investigates the ways in which speech sounds are organized, produced, perceived, and manipulated by our linguistic system. Much of this work takes place in the laboratory, with both speech production and speech perception experiments.  He has worked on many linguistic phenomena, including incomplete neutralization, flapping, vowel lengthening, emphatic lengthening, and DP-internal ellipsis in English, Japanese, and Spanish, among other languages.

Books Edited


  • Aaron Braver and Shigeto Kawahara. Incomplete Vowel Lengthening: Japanese Monomoraic Lengthening as Incomplete Neutralization. Proceedings of WCCFL 31. (to appear)
  • Shigeto Kawahara and Aaron Braver. The Phonetics of Emphatic Vowel Lengthening in Japanese. Open Journal of Modern Linguistics, Vol. 3(2). 2013.
  • Aaron Braver. Perception of Incompletely Neutralized /d/ and /t/ Flaps in American English. Proceedings of NELS 42. (in press)
  • Aaron Braver. Incomplete Neutralization in American English Flapping: A Production Study. In University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics 17(1): Proceedings of the 34th Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium. 2011.

Books Edited

  • Peter Staroverov, Daniel Altshuler, Aaron Braver, Carlos A. Fasola, and Sarah Murray. Rutgers Working Papers in Linguistics (RuWPL) 3. Rutgers Linguistics Graduate Student Association, New Brunswick, NJ. 2010.