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Jacqueline Kolosov

Kolosov, Jacqueliine


Office: 433

Creative Activity

Modiglianis Muse

A Sweet Disorder


Red Queens Daughter

Grace from China


  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J., "The Red Queen's Daughter", Pegasus Yayinlari, Instanbul, Turkey.
  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J., "A Sweet Disorder", Hyperion, New York, NY. Poetry - Anthology
  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J., "Poetry Handbook". Poetry
  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J., "Modigliani's Muse", Turning Point Books/WordTech, Cincinnati, OH.



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  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J. Why Plant Bougainvillea, Faberge, Finishing Line Press
  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J. Danish Ocean, Pudding House Press, 2003


Creative Activity

Nonfiction - Anthology

  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J., "Marked by Scars", Melbourne, Australia.

Nonfiction - Print Journal

  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J., "Other People's Clothes", Under the Sun, Tennessee Technological, Cookeville, TN.
  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J., "The Ekphrastic Poem: A Grounded Instance of Seeing", The Writers Chronicle, George Mason University, DC, US.
  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J., "The World According to My Daughter", Windhover, Mary Hardin University, Texas. Poetry - Anthology (Accepted)
  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J., "Guardian, Shelter, Refrain", Salmon Poetry Press, County Clare, Ireland. Poetry - Print Journal (Accepted)
  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J., "Incarnate", Waterstone Review, St. Paul, MN.
  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J., "Valentine", Poetry East, Chicago, IL.

Short Fiction - Anthology

  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J., "Forsythia", Persea Books, New York, NY US.

Nonfiction - Print Journal

  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J., "Into History: A New Terrain of Contemporary Women's Poetry", Missouri Review, St. Louis, MO.

Poetry - Print Journal

  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J., ""Impasse of Angels" "MiSe"", Cave Wall, South Carolina.

Other (Accepted)

  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J. In Maria Schamas Turner (Ed.), Facing It. Montreal: Carte Blanche. (2012).
  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J. In Brianna Van Dyke (Ed.), Snow in April (pp. 3). Fort Collins, Colorado: Ruminate.
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  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J. The Ekphrastic Poem: A Grounded Instance of Seeing. George Mason University, Maryland: The Writer's Chronicle.
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  • Kolosov-Wenthe, J. In Rhett Iseman Trull (Ed.), Mi Se, Impasse of Angels (5th ed., vol. Winter/Spring, pp. 100). Greensboro, NC: Cave Wall. (2009).




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