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Marjean Purinton


Office: 210A

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Romantic Ideology Unmasked


  • Romantic Ideology Unmasked: The Mentally Constructed Tyrannies in Dramas of William Wordsworth, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, and Joanna Baillie. Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1994.


Articles and Essays

  • "Sophia Lee: The New Sciences and Female Madness." Foreshadowing 'Frankenstein': Women, Literature, and Scientific Discourse. Ed. Judy A. Hayden. New York: Palgrave, 2010. 316-349.
  • "Shakespeare Shadows' Parodic Haunting of Thomas Love Peacock's Nightmare Abbey and Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey." (with Marliss Desens). Shakespearean Gothic. Ed. Christy Desmet and Ann Williams. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2009. 87-110.
  • “Teaching Orientalism through British Romantic Drama: Representations of Arabia.” Romantic Border Crossings. Ed. Jeffrey Cass and Larry Peer. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2008. 135-146.
  • “Feminist Utopianism and Female Sexuality in Joanna Baillie’s Comedies.” Romantic Circles: Praxis Series. September 2008. http://www.rc.umd.edu/praxis/utopia/purinton/purinton.html
  • “Watches and Watching Time in British Romantic Comedy.” The Wordsworth Circle 39.1-2 (Winter/Spring 2008): 46-49.
  • “Romantic Praxis: Teaching British Romanticism with Drama.” Engaged Romanticism. Ed. Mark Lussier and Bruce Matsunaga. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2008. 228-241.
  • “Cross-Dressing and the Performance of Gender in Romantic-Period Comic Plays by Women.” Spheres of Action. Ed. Alex Dick and Angela Esterhammer. Toronto: U of Toronto Press, 2008. 178-193.
  • “George Colman’s The Iron Chest and Blue-Beard and the Pseudosciences of Curiosity Cabinets.” Victorian Studies 49.2 (Winter 2007): 250-258.
  • “Three of Thomas Lovell Beddoes’s Dramatic Fragments: Fractured Techno-Gothic Appendages and Thomas Beddoes’s Hygëia.” The Ashgate Research Companion to Thomas Lovell Beddoes. Eds. Ute Berns and Michael Bradshaw. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2007. 177-92.
  • “Eighteenth-Century British Drama.” Year’s Work in English Studies, 86 (2007).
  • “On Teaching A Bold Stroke for a Husband and Other Comedies by Romantic Women Playwrights.” European Romantic Review 17.3 (July 2006): 351-60.
  • “Romantic Drama and the Discourse of Criminality.” Romanticism: Comparative Discourses. Eds. Larry H. Peer and Diane Long Hoeveler. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2006. 73-83.
  • “Eighteenth-Century British Drama.” Year’s Work in English Studies 85 (2006):566-80.
  • “Gender, Nationalism, and Science in Hannah More’s Pedagogical Plays for Children.” Culturing the Child 1690-1914: Essays in Memory of Mitzi Myers. Ed. Donelle Ruwe. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2005. 113-136.
  • “Eighteenth-Century British Drama.” Year’s Work in English Studies 84 (2005): 37-48.
  • “Shakespeare’s Ghost and Felicia Hemans’s The Vespers of Palermo: Nineteenth-Century Readings of the Page and Feminist Meanings for the Stage.” Intertexts 8.2 (Fall 2004): 135-64.
  • “Pedagogy and Passions: Teaching Joanna Baillie’s Dramas.” Joanna Baillie, Romantic Dramatist: Critical Essays. Ed. Thomas Crochunis. New York: Routledge, 2004. 315-47.
  • “The Pedagogical Plays of Hannah More, Jane Austen, and Joanna Baillie: Ways of Teaching Children’s Drama.” British Women Playwrights around 1800. “Teaching Section.” Ed. Marjean D. Purinton. November 2004. http://www.etang.umontreal.ca/bwp1800/essays/purinton_plays.html
  • “Eighteenth-Century British Drama.” Year’s Work in English Studies 83 (2004): 32-50.
  • “Staging the Physical: Romantic Science Theatricalized in T.L. Beddoes’s The Brides’ Tragedy.” European Romantic Review 14.1 (2003): 81-95. Rpt. In Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism, Vol. 154. New York: Gale, August 2005.
  • “Teaching the Gothic Novel and Dramatic Adaptations.” Approaches to Teaching Gothic Fiction: The British and American Traditions. Ed. Diane Long Hoeveler and Tamar Heller. New York: Modern Language Association, 2003. 326-42.
  • “Reading Marital Relationships: ‘The Wallpaper’ in A Room of One’s Own.” The Pedagogical Wallpaper: Teaching Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wall-paper.” Ed. Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock. New York: Peter Lang, 2003. 94-111.
  • “’The Laugh of the Medusa’ and Laughing Anne.” Conradiana 34:1-2 (2002): 77-94.
  • “Byron’s Disability and the Techno-Gothic Grotesque in The Deformed Transformed.” European Romantic Review 12.3 (Summer 2001): 301-20.
  • “Theatricalized Bodies and Spirits: Gothic as Performance in Romantic Drama.” Gothic Studies: An International Journal of Criticism, Theory, History, and Cultural Studies 3/2 (August 2001): 134-55.
  • “Mary Shelley’s Science Fiction Short Stories and the Legacy of Wollstonecraft’s Feminism.” Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal 30 (2001): 147-74.
  • “Dancing and Dueling in Mariana Starke’s Comedy.” British Women Playwrights around 1800 (September 2001). http://www.etang.umontreal.ca/bwp1800/essays/purinton_sword.html
  • “Socialized and Medicalized Hysteria in Joanna Baillie’s Witchcraft.” Prism(s): Essays in Romanticism 9.2 (2001): 137-53. Rpt. in Recent Perspectives on European Romanticism. Ed. Larry H. Peer. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 2002. 47-67.
  • “Science Fiction and Techno-Gothic Drama: Romantic Playwrights Joanna Baillie and Jane Scott.” Romanticism on the Net 21 (February 2001). http://www.erudit.org/revue/ron/2001/v/n21/005968ar.html
  • “Preface.” Contemporary Studies on Lord Byron. Ed. William D. Brewer. New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 2001. 1-4.
  • “Women’s Sovereignty on Trial: Joanna Baillie’s Comedy The Tryal as Metatheatrics.” Women in British Romantic Theatre: Drama, Performance, and Society, 1790-1840. Ed. Catherine B. Burroughs. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000. 132-57.
  • “Teaching Romantic-Period Women Poets.” Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Literature, Language, and Composition 1.1 (2000): 91-115. Contributor to this collaborative essay, edited by Harriet Kramer Linkin.
  • “The De-Gendered Self in William Blake’s Poetry.” Essays on the Modern Identity. Ed. William D. Brewer and Carole J. Lambert. New York: Peter Lang, 2000. 115-37.
  • “Polysexualities and Romantic Generations in Mary Shelley’s Mythological Dramas Midas and Proserpine.” Women’s Writing 6.3 (1999): 387-413.
  • “Representations of the Irish in Romantic Drama.” Prism(s): Essays in Romanticism 7 (1999): 127-42.
  • “The English Pamphlet War of the 1790’s and Coleridge’s Osorio.” English Romantic Drama: Historical and Critical Essays. Ed. Terence Allan Hoagwood and Daniel P. Watkins. Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1998. 159-81.
  • “Postmodern Romanticism: The Recuperation of Conceptual Romanticism in Jeanette Winterson’s Postmodern Novel The Passion.” Romanticism Across the Disciplines. Ed. Larry H. Peer. Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 1998. 67-98.
  • “The Sexual Politics of The Election: French Feminism and the Scottish Playwright Joanna Baillie.” Intertexts 2.2 (1998): 119-30.
  • “Revising Romanticism by Inscripting Women Playwrights.” Romanticism on the Net 12 (1998). http://www.erudit.org/revue/ron/1998/v/n12/005822ar.html
  • “Ideologiccal Revision: Cross-Gender Characterizations in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.” The CEA Critic 56.1 (Fall 1993): 53-64.
  • “An Act of Theological Revisioning: William Blake’s Pictorial Prophecy.” Colby Quarterly 29.1 (March 1993): 33-42.
  • “Wordsworth’s The Borderers and the Ideology of Revolution.” The Wordsworth Circle 32.2 (Spring 1992): 97-108.
  • “William Blake” (316-21), “Mary Wollstonecraft” (322-27), “William Godwin” (310-15), and “Thomas Paine” (286-91). Great Thinkers of the Western World. Ed. Ian P. McGreal. New York: HarperCollins, 1992.


Book Reviews

  • Review of Borderlines: The Shiftings of Gender in British Romanticism by Susan J. Wolfson. European Romantic Review, forthcoming.
  • Review of Contemporary Gothic by Catherine Spooner. South Central Review, forthcoming.
  • Review of Symbolic Interactions: Social Problems and Literary Interventions in the Works of Baillie, Scott, and Landor by Regina Hewitt. European Romantic Review, 18.4 (October 2007): 561-565.
  • Review of Gothic Masculinity: Effeminacy and the Supernatural in English and German Romanticism by Ellen Brinks. Studies in Romanticism 44.4 (Winter 2005): 654-57.
  • Review of The Broadview Anthology of Romantic Drama edited by Jeffrey N. Cox and Michael Gamer. Gothic Studies, forthcoming.
  • Review of Lessons of the Masters by George Steiner. Intertexts, forthcoming.
  • Review of Jane Austen and the Theatre by Paula Byrne and Jane Austen and the Theatre by Penny Gay. Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film 3.1 (Summer 2004): 305-309.
  • Review of Romanticism, Maternity, and the Body Politic by Julie Kipp and Modes of Discipline: Women, Conservatism, and the Novel after the French Revolution by Lisa Wood. European Romantic Review 16.3 (July 2005): 390-84.
  • Review of Lesbian and Gay Studies and the Teaching of English: Positions, Pedagogies, and Cultural Politics edited by William J. Spurlin. Intertexts 9.2 (Fall 2005): 176-80.
  • Review of Horizons Theatre Production of Joanna Baillie’s Count Basil, New York City, August 2003. European Romantic Review 15.2 (June 2004): 379-81.
  • Review of Character’s Theatre: Genre and Identity on the Eighteenth-Century Stage by Lisa A. Freeman. Criticism: A Quarterly for the Literature and the Arts 46.3 (2004): 305-309.
  • Review of The Mental Anatomies of William Godwin and Mary Shelley by William D. Brewer, and Memoirs of the Author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman edited by Pamela Clemit and Gina Luria Walker. The Wordsworth Circle 32.4 (Autumn 2001): 217-18.
  • Review of Closet Stages: Joanna Baillie and the Theater Theory of British Romantic Women Writers by Catherine B. Burroughs. South Central Review 15.3-4 (Fall-Winter 1998): 68-70.
  • Review of An Intimate Distance: Women, Artists and the Body by Rosemary Betterton. Southern Humanities Review 32.3 (1998): 297-300.
  • Review of Feminist Interpretations of Mary Wollstonecraft, edited by Maria J. Falco; Ahead of Her Time: A Sampler of the Life and Thought of Mary Wollstonecraft, selected by Ella Mazel; A Vindication of the Rights of Men and A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, edited by Sylvana Tomaselli. National Women's Studies Association Journal 9.2 (1997): 175-79.
  • Review of Romantic Women Writers: Voices and Countervoices edited by Paula R. Feldman and Theresa M. Kelley. South Central Review 14.1 (1997): 80-82.
  • Review of The Counter-Arts Conspiracy: Art and Industry in the Age of Blake by Morris Eaves. South Central Review 13.1 (1996): 53-54.
  • Review of A Materialist Critique of English Romantic Drama by Daniel P. Watkins. Southern Humanities Review 30.3 (1996): 290-93.
  • Review of The Man of Reason: "Male" & "Female" in Western Philosophy, 2nd ed. by Genevieve Lloyd. Southern Humanities Review 29.2 (1995): 185-87.
  • Review of Rethinking Blake's Textuality by Molly Anne Rothenberg. Southern Humanities Review 29.4 (1995): 389-92.
  • Review of Virtual Theater: From Diderot to Mallarmé by Evlyn Gould. Theatre Journal 42.4 (Dec. 1990): 518-19.


Under Review

  • “Subtle Discriminations Against Women in Academic Settings: What Faculty Exit Interviews over the Last Decade Reveal about Retention at Texas Tech University.” At Women in Higher Education.



  • Teaching Academy, Member


In Progress

  • “The State of Scholarship on Romantic Gothic Drama.”For The Literary Compass.
  • “Elizabeth Inchbald and Sara Pogson: Transatlantic Representation of the French Revolution and the Body-Politic.” [With Christina Ashby-Martin]