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Sara Spurgeon

Spurgeon, Sara


Office Hours - Spring 2017

  • MW 9:30-11:30 AM, or by appointment

Office: English Building Room 206
Email: sara.spurgeon@ttu.edu


Spring 2018 Courses

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  • English Graduate Concentration in Literature, Social Justice, and Environment (LSJE)
  • A Nation of Women
    Read a brief description of conceptions of gender among New England tribes during the 17th and 18th centuries, from the book A Nation of Women: Gender and Colonial Encounters Among the Delaware Indians
  • Research Links
    Access to a special issue of the journal Discourse on race, environment and representation, a special issue of the journal MELUS on ethnicity and ecocriticism, the Native American Archives at USC, the Cormac McCarthy homepage, and more.
  • Texas Tech University Libraries - English [Research]
    To begin your research, visit Donell Callendar's page on the University Library's website (designed specifically by Donell Callendar, Research Librarian and liason for the English Department).

    If the link doesn't work, go to the Library's Homepage, scroll down the bar on the left side, under "Personal Librarians," then click on "English"

Research Links

Literature and Environment

Cormac McCarthy

Western and Southwestern Literature


Native America