Texas Tech University

Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson

Assistant Professor

PhD, New Mexico State University
Office: 312D
Email: greg.wilson@ttu.edu
Website: gregwilson.rocks

Greg Wilson is interested in innovation—how messy problems become clear ideas and useful technologies.

He enjoys working with and within technical communities to understand how ideas come to fruition. His research interests include technical and professional communication, rhetoric of science, cultural studies, ethnography in technical settings, and interdisciplinary problem solving. Before joining the faculty at Texas Tech, Wilson was an assistant professor at Iowa State University, and before that he was a researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory. At Los Alamos, he worked on a team of social scientists within the Statistical Sciences group to build qualitative reliability models of complex engineered systems.

Wilson is on the board of directors and is past president of the Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology (ARST).

Selected Publications

  • (2015) Agency and Interactive Data Displays: Internet Graphics as Co-Created Rhetorical Spaces. With Rawlins, J. D. Technical Communication Quarterly. 24.2.
  • (2013) Arguing for Torture: Using Articulation Theory to Understand the Cultural and Ideological Work of George W. Bush's Military Commissions Speech. Enculturation; a journal of rhetoric, writing, and culture. 16. Online.
  • (2011) Talking sustainability: Identification and Division in an Iowa Community. With Herndl, C. G., Goodwin, J., Honeycutt, L., Graham, S. S. and Niedergeses, D. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture. 35(4), 436-61.
  • (2009) The Two-Semester Thesis Model: Emphasizing Research in Undergraduate Technical Communication Curricula. With Dyke Ford, J., and Bracken, J. L. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication. 39(4), 433-53.
  • (2007) Information Integration for Complex Systems. With Wilson, A., and McNamara, L. Reliability Engineering and System Safety. 92, 121-130.
  • (2007) Boundary Objects as Rhetorical Exigence: Knowledge Mapping and Interdisciplinary Cooperation at Los Alamos National Laboratory. With Herndl, C. Journal of Business and Technical Communication. 21, 129-154.
  • (2006) Statistical Methods in Counterterrorism. Co-editors with Wilson, A., and Olwell, D.H. NY: Springer.
  • (2003) The Big Chill: A Conversation with Seven Professionals Ten Years After They Graduated with Master's Degrees in Technical Communication. With Dyke Ford, J. Technical Communication. 50(2), 145-159.
  • (2001) Technical Communication and Late Capitalism: Considering a Postmodern Technical Communication Pedagogy. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 15(1), 72-99.

Other achievements

  • Board member and past president of the Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology (ARST).
  • Researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) from 2001-2009.
  • Corporate advisory board member for New Mexico Tech's Technical Communication Program 2003-2008.