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Carl Laamanen is a MA student in English, specializing in Film/Media Studies. His research focuses on the various intersections of religion, history, and culture in film..

Makenna Lange

Rhonda Lott

Tabitha Lowery

Lara Mandrell

Derek McKown

Chase Mitchell is a Ph.D. student in the Technical Communication and Rhetoric program. His  interests include rhetoric and composition, alternative rhetorics, intercultural communication, digital media and pedagogy, and globally networked learning environments. You can find Chase at http://achasemitchell.com.

Monica Montelongo

Steve Morrison is a PhD student in the TCR program.  His fiction has appeared in The Portland Review, and now he is exploring the rhetoric of composition and the nature of science writing directed to non-scientific audiences. TCR

Duc Nguyen

Maria O’Connell is a PhD student in English with a specialization in LSJE and a Spanish minor. Her research focuses on twentieth and twenty-first century American literature with interests in language, systems theory, translation, and narratives of identity. She has presented papers at a number of conferences and published papers in Céfiro: The Journal, 7.1-2, and in the online proceedings for Cultural Constructions III: Connections as well as book reviews for Western American Literature.

Olga Pahom is a PhD student in Linguistics, focusing on bilingualism and second language acquisition (SLA). She has done experimental research on Spanish, French, German, and Russian adult SLA at Texas Tech University and Florida State University.  Her research has been presented at the Annual Meeting of Linguistic Society of America, as well as many regional and local conferences. She is also a TEACH fellow and a member of Sigma Delta Pi National Hispanic Honor Society.

Michael Palmer is a PhD candidate in English, specializing in nonfiction. His work won the 2010 University of New Orleans Study Abroad contest and has appeared in The Collagist, Sunstone, Dialogue and other journals.

John Peery

Liz Pohland is a PhD student in Technical Communication and Rhetoric and the editor of _Intercom_. Her research interests include publication management, editing, document design, technologies of writing, games, graphic novels and comics, pop cultures, social media, and children's culture. TCR

Daniel Price

Katrina Prow

Erin Pumroy

Richard Rabil, Jr. is an MA student pursuing a degree in Technical Communication. His research interests include content management, ethics in proposal writing, and the rhetoric of video games. TCR

Mark Ranario

William Randall is an MA student in Technical Communication studying user interface design and multi-lingual documentation. He has published more than 30 user manuals and contributed to "Lost in Translation: Applications of Simplified English in Academia," presented by N. Scheuermann at the IEEE’s 2009 International Professional Communication Conference. TCR

Susan Rauch

Anirban Ray

Jake Ricafrente is a PhD candidate in English, specializing in creative writing. His creative dissertation, a collection of original poems, will focus on traditional poetic forms, mixed race experiences, and the cultural topography of the American South. A recent Rotary Foundation Fellow and Writer-in-Residence at the University of the Philippines, he has published work in Best New Poets, Cincinnati Review, South Carolina Review, and elsewhere.

Patrick Russell

Jordan Ryan