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Robert Schafer is a PhD student in TCR, studying intercultural communication, particularly heuristics of cultural dimensions in audience analysis. His most recent article is "Introducing Heuristics of Cultural Dimensions into the Service-Level Technical Communication Classroom" in "Journal of Technical Writing & Communication" 39.3 (2009). TCR

Angela Schaffer

Chris Shaw is a PhD student, studying Literature and Science, with a specific focus on American and ecocritical literature.  He is also a professional engineer with a focus on water.

Lesley Howell Shelton is a PhD student in English with an emphasis in Film & Media Studies. She is particularly interested in narrative structures and the various ways these are presented in film & other media.  FMS

Michael Shewmaker

Brandon Shuler is a PhD student in Literature, Social Justice, and the Environment. He specializes in Texas literature and the outdoors experience in American literature. His book, Glory of the Silver King, is forthcoming from Texas A&M Press.

Jacob Shores-Areguello

Joseph Smith

Trampas Smith

Gerald Staley

Brandon Strubberg

Kazutaka Sugiyama

Terra Tipton

Erin Trauth

Kyle Traylor

Michael Trice

Kellyanne Ure is a PhD candidate in English, specializing in nineteenth-century British literature and book history. Her dissertation is on the serialization of sensation fiction in magazines of the 1860s. She has presented papers at the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals conference, participated in a seminar at the North American Victorian Studies Association conference, and contributed to the Victorian Periodicals Review bibliography. NCS, BH

Erin Varghese

Rachel Vaughn

David Vialard

Xiling Wang is a PhD student in Technical Communication. Her research interests are writing and technical communication pedagogy and practice. TCR

Cary Waterhouse is an MA student in the Technical Communication program. His career in the aerospace industry leads his research interests in engineering rhetoric, knowledge studies, and digital writing environments. TCR

Paul Watson is a PhD student in TCR studying the rhetoric of mathematics and the market meltdown as a topic for his dissertation. His research interests include Economics, Finance, History and Rhetoric of Science.

Ian Weaver

Hannah Weems is an MA student in English, with a BA from Baylor University. Her interests include the modern British novel and Asian postcolonial literature.

Ronda Wery is a PhD student in the Technical Communication and Rhetoric program. Her research interests include pedagogy, online education, rhetoric, composition, and new media. TCR

Monica Wesley is a PhD student in the Technical Communication and Rhetoric program, studying visual communication and new media. Her research interests include visual rhetoric, the rhetoric of intellectual property law and issues of ownership and access, new media, visual metaphor, and questions of power in mass media.

Melanie Wilson is a PhD student in English, studying nineteenth-century British literature, particularly Gothic fiction.  She is also interested in Medieval literature and the ways it is re-imagined in other periods. NCS

Julie Wiseman, an MATC student, has a BA in English from Hardin-Simmons University.  Her interest is in pedagogy, business writing, and the Internet’s transformation of the newspaper business. TCR

Vincent Yepez