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Graduate Certificate in Book History and Digital Humanities

The TTU certificate in Book History and Digital Humanities helps meet the clear need for training in digital humanities and history of the book for graduate students across the curriculum; for professionals in the workforce; and for graduating seniors in the humanities wishing to broaden their job opportunities. We offer the certificate both onsite and online.



What courses we are offering in Spring 2015 ...

In 1541, Franciscan friar Motolinia described the books he encountered in Mexico: "These books were written in symbols and pictures." They were dangerous, he wrote, because they told about the invisible world, about cycles of time and fate. The Aztec manuscripts he described were not the only kinds of books found in the Americas. There were also the astronomical and calendric books of the Maya and the historical genealogies of the Mixtec, which traced their ancestors back to an ancient genesis from trees. The sixteen Pre-Columbian manuscripts that survived the iconoclasm of the European invasion of Mesoamerica document the way indigenous societies presented and preserved history, ritual, and knowledge of the natural world. Colonial manuscripts, numbering in the hundreds, demonstrate the extraordinary flexibility and tenacity of native writing systems in the period following the conquest. This seminar will survey the Pre-Columbian and 16th century manuscripts in relation to indigenous intellectual, aesthetic, and political traditions. It will focus on the kinds of knowledge that the codices document and the strategies the ancient artists used to convey that knowledge.

What courses we offer in the certificate...

The TTU graduate certificate offers the most robust set of courses in Book History and Digital Humanities of any program in the country.

Why you should do take the certificate as a stand-alone or as a supplement to your existing degree program....

Recent graduates of our onsite graduate program with a book history emphasis have garnered jobs in publishing, in civil service, in industry, in libraries, and in the academy.

In recent years, postings in the Modern Language Association JobList increasingly request applicants with  Book History or Digital Humanities experience. The TTU certificate will help students develop the skills and networking opportunities to be competitive in this challenging market.

Students can enroll in courses in order to prepare for a career in publishing, civil service, industry, digital humanities, library science, or the academy; develop new workplace skills or supplements existing skills; learn best practices for converting cultural artifacts into digital form; understand the relationship between print culture, book history, and textual criticism; and develop or improve pedagogical or technological skills.

What it will cost...

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