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Recent Courses in Book History

The TTU graduate emphasis in book history & digital humanities offers the most robust set of courses of any program in the country.

  • 5341 Histories and Theories of the Book - Surveys the global history of written communication from the earliest writing systems to the rise of digital technologies.
  • 5344 Teaching History of the Book - Surveys the best practices for integrating book history and material studies into the postsecondary and graduate classroom in the Humanities.
  • 5345 Letterpress Printing History and Practice - Surveys the historical rise of printing from Gutenberg, with practical experience in letterpress printing on a 19th century historic iron handpress. (onsite only)
  • 5346 Digital Humanities - Surveys the theories, best practices, and technologies (i.e., TEI, CSS, XSLT, and GIS) associated with transforming cultural, historical, and literary texts into digital form.
  • 5347 Scholarly Editing in Digital Environments - Surveys the theories and best practices for textual editors and examines the implications associated with transforming cultural artifacts into digital form.
  • 5348 Studies in History of the Book - Concentrated study of specific problems in the history of the book and material culture. May be repeated when topics vary.
  • 5349 Religion and Material Texts - Explores the relationship between religion and material texts across histories and cultures.

Each year, Book History & Digital Humanities offers at least three courses focused on the field: Bibliography and Research Methods, either History of the Book or Digital Humanities, and one other course.

Standardized offerings in rotation

  • History and Theories of the Book |  Snead S2010
  • Digital Humanities
  • Internship in Publishing and Editing |
  • Scholarly Editing and Digital Environments | Other S2011
  • Bibliography and Research Methods | Snead F2009-F2013

In Literature

Here's a quick glance at the special-topics courses our current faculty have offered with focus in book history. For full course descriptions, check out the Literature Course Archives.

  • Beowulf | McFadden, alternate years, next offered Spring 2015
  • Victorian Poetry in the Marketplace | 
  • Romanticisms |
  • Selling Novels and “The Novel” in the Eighteenth Century |
  • Gender and the Literatures of Dissent | Snead S2009
  • Invention of Modernism | Samson F2008

In Technical Communication and Rhetoric

For full course descriptions, check out the TCR Course Archives.

  • Visual Rhetoric |
  • Online Publishing | Rice S2004, S2006; Baehr S2003, F2004, F2005, F2007, F2010, F2011, Su2011, S2013, Su2014, S2015
  • Publication Management | Baehr  S2007, F2010, S2010, F2013, S2014
  • Document Design | 
  • Discourse and Technology | Baehr S2008
  • Technical Editing | 
  • Data Mining | Lang


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