Texas Tech University

Symposium History

The program fosters an intellectual environment through the annual Texas Tech University Comparative Literature Symposium started in the 1960s. Recent topics include:

Comparative literature


For more information about the Comparative Literature emphasis, contact Dr. Yuan Shu or by calling the Department of English at 806.742.2500.

For general information about graduate study in English at Texas Tech University, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies by email or at 806.742.2500 ext. 248.


  • Dr. Shu has been awarded the "Fulbright Core Scholar Award to teach & research at the National University of Singapore (2017-2018).
  • Dr. Shu was awarded a Harvard-Yenching Travel Grant (2017).
  • Dr. Shu was awarded Texas Tech University's Integrated Scholar (2017).
  • Dr. Clarke has co-edited The Cambridge Companion to Literature and the Posthuman (2017).
  • Dr. Clarke's article "Planetary Immunity: Biopolitics, Gaia Theory, the Holobiont, and the Systems Counterculture" is published in General Ecology: The New Ecological Paradigm (2017).
  • Dr. Clarke's article "Rethinking Gaia: Stengers, Latour, Margulis" is published in Theory, Culture, and Society (2017).
  • Dr. McNamara's article "Developing a Fine Balance: A Critique of Secularization in Rohinton Mistry's Family Matters" is published in South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies (2017).