Texas Tech University

Early British Literature - Recent Courses

Courses in Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Literature

  • Pulp Fiction: The Corpus of Middle English Romance (Couch)
  • Chaucer and the Invention of Middle English Literature (Couch)
  • History of the English Language (McFadden)
  • Magic and Miracle: The Heroes and Saints of Medieval Romance (Couch)
  • Old English Language (McFadden)
  • Beowulf (McFadden)

Courses in Early Modern English Literature

  • Comedy on Stage and Screen (Kuriyama)
  • No Text is an Island: John Donne and Early Modern Manuscript and Print Cultures (Crowley)
  • Dramatic Authorship (Kuriyama)
  • Women in Renaissance Drama:  Not Always Chaste, Silent, and Obedient (Desens)
  • Shakespearean Comedy and Romance (Desens)
  • Authorship in Renaissance Drama (Kuriyama)
  • Comedy (Kuriyama)
  • Love, Lust, and Revenge in the Tragedies of Shakespeare and his Contemporaries (Desens)
  • Shakespeare and Love (Desens)