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Film & Media Studies - Courses

Graduate coursework in Film & Media Studies is designed to provide a solid foundation in criticism, history, theory, and genres while also offering opportunities to explore special issues and to refine research agendas in film, television, and new media studies.

Recent seminar offerings have covered core issues in film & media studies:

  • Adaptation (Schoenecke)
  • Film Theory & Criticism (Baugh)
  • Auteur Cinema (Schoenecke)
  • Historicizing Movie Aesthetics (Baugh)
  • Silent Cinema (Kuriyama)
  • American films of the 1970s (Schoenecke)
  • American films of the 1950s (Schoenecke)
  • Science Fiction Narrative (Clarke)
  • Comedy and the Comic Tradition (Kuriyama)
  • The Western (Spurgeon)
  • Developments in Narrative Theory (Clarke)

Recent special topics have included:

  • Multicultural American Cinemas (Baugh)
  • Visualizing Swing: Jazz in 20th Century Film (Borshuk)
  • African American Literature & Film (Borshuk)
  • The Vietnam War and Its Representations (Shu)
  • Cultural Approaches to Science and Technology Studies (Clarke)
  • iCinema: Contemporary Media Theory (Baugh)
  • Postmodern American Fiction: Cybernetic Imagination & Posthuman Narratives (Shu)





Film & Media Studies


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