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The Bruce Family Memorial Scholarship

The Bruce Family Memorial Scholarship was established in 2007 through the generosity of Charles Thomas Bruce, whose gift to the Department of English created an annual prize in the amount of $23,000 for a native Texan wishing to study American literature. The prize is open to any doctoral student meeting those criteria and may be awarded to an active student already completing coursework, preparing for qualifying exams, or writing the dissertation or to an incoming student who has been admitted to begin study in the Department of English.

The $23,000 scholarship covers all tuition and fees for graduate study and provides the student with a year of study unencumbered by either teaching or research assistant responsibilities.

Applications for this award begin with a call for applications by the Director of Graduate Studies or, in instances when newly admitted students fit the criteria, at the moment that the new student is admitted to the doctoral program.



For more information about LSJE, contact Matt Hooley via email or by calling the Department of English at (806) 742-2500.

For general information about graduate study in English at Texas Tech University, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies by email or at (806) 742-2500 ext. 248.

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