Texas Tech University

Certificate Requirements

Students will consult with one of the program directors to plan an appropriate program of study, based on that student's particular interests.

Students will take 5 courses for a 15-hour certificate.

Core Courses

Two (2) of the Following

  • ENGL 5300
  • ENGL 5341, Histories and Theories of the Book
  • ENGL 5347, Scholarly Editing in Digital Environments

If the appropriate core courses are not offered in a two-year period, students can talk with the co-directors about alternatives.

Possible Courses to Complete the Certificate, Dependant on Student Course Plan

  • ENGL 5374, Technical Editing
  • ENGL 5376, Online Publishing
  • ENGL 5375, Document Design
  • MUSM 5331, Museum Interpretation and Communication
  • ENGL 5378, Internship
  • PR 5340, Foundations of Public Relations
  • ADV 6315, Special Topics in Advertising