Texas Tech University

Graduate Seminars - Summer 2011

Summer I

ENGL 5377: Theoretical Approaches to Technical Communication
re/Mediated Theatre: From Page to Stage to Image

Dr. Rich Rice (team-taught with Dr. Batra)
MTWR 6:00-7:30 PM

Please contact instructor for course description.

ENGL 5380: Advanced Topics in Literary Study
re/Mediated Theatre: From Page to Stage to Image

Dr. Kanika Batra (team-taught with Dr. Rice)
MTWR 6:00-7:30 PM

Since the early twentieth century, media has either been recognized as an essential component of theatrical practice or as a cheap mass-produced entertainment supplement that diminishes the value of theatre and drama as a social means of communication. Taking its cue from theatre practitioners' ambivalence toward media outlets and technologies, in part through investigating new media rhetorical theory, this course introduces ways in which the two can productively intersect. Study media-theatre online (June 1-16), watch plays in San Antonio (June 17-19), mash-up videos in Lubbock (June 20-24), and finish up the course online (June 25-30). For more information, see http://richrice.com/5377
Note: as both courses need 5 students to enroll, you may be placed in one section or the other to insure that both sections can run.

Requirements fulfilled: Elective; Drama genre requirement.

Summer II

No scheduled graduate courses at this time.