Texas Tech University

Deadlines for the Current Term

Spring 2014

January 8, Wednesday

95% payment of mandatory tuition and fees or enrollment in a payment plan due for spring. Registrations after this
date require immediate payment or enrollment in a payment plan.

January 13, Monday

Faculty on duty.

January 14, Tuesday

Last day to register or withdraw from the university without financial penalty. For more information see

January 15, Wednesday

Classes begin.

January 20, Monday

Martin Luther King Jr. Day. University holiday.

January 21, Tuesday

Last day to add a course.

January 31, Friday

Last day for student-initiated drop on MyTech without academic penalty
Last day to drop a course and have course charges removed.
Last day for graduate degree candidates to file with the Graduate School a statement of intention to graduate.

February 12, Wednesday

Last day to withdraw from the university and receive partial credit. For more information see

February 26, Wednesday

Last day for doctoral students to submit Defense Notification form. Reminder - this must be in to the Graduate School three weeks before your scheduled defense date. The internal English Department form requires at least four weeks' notice to the committee and the department.

March 7, Friday

English Department Graduate Recruitment Weekend.

March 10-14, Monday-Friday

English department advising week for Summer 2014 and Fall 2014 terms.

March 12, Wednesday

5 p.m., Mid-semester grades due via Raiderlink.GPTI's - this usually means first-year students and athletes.
Last day for degree candidates and faculty to order invitations and academic regalia at the bookstore.

March 15 – 23, Saturday – Sunday

Spring vacation. Classes dismissed at noon Saturday. Student holiday only; university employees on duty except for holiday on Friday, March 21.

March 24, Monday

Classes resume.

March 26, Wednesday

Last day for student-initiated drop on MyTech with academic penalty (counts against drop limit). All drops are the responsibility of the student.GPTI's - make sure your students know this date.
Last day to declare pass/fail intentions.

March 28, Friday

Last day for graduate degree candidates to defend theses/dissertations.
Last day for graduate degree candidates to pay thesis-dissertation fee posted to Banner account.
Last day for master's non-thesis comprehensive examinations.

April 3, Thursday

3 p.m., First day for summer/fall advance registration for currently enrolled students (continues through April 22).This means that Banner opens today. Advising week will be March 10-14.

April 4, Friday

Last day for graduate degree candidates to submit to the Graduate School the final PDF of thesis/dissertation.
Last day for graduate degree candidates to submit the Oral Defense and Thesis-Dissertation Approval Form.

April 18, Friday

Last day to remove grades of I, PR, or CR in the Graduate School. NOTE: This does not apply to the PR/CR received on a previous thesis or dissertation enrollment. In 6000 for the first term, 7000 for all terms, and 8000 for all terms but the term of graduation, CR is the expected grade. You need not change these CR's.

April 21, Monday

No classes. University employees on duty.

April 22, Tuesday

Last day of advance registration.

April 23, Wednesday

Official reports due to Graduate School on results of final comprehensive exams. Last day for faculty to turn in MA portfolio reports.

May 1 – May 7, Thursday – Wednesday

Period of no examinations except for makeup exams or scheduled lab exams. GPTI's - do not schedule tests at this time.

May 1, Thursday

Last day to withdraw from the university. Although withdrawal can be processed until this date, all tuition and fees related to the registration are due in full and no refunds will be issued.

May 5, Monday

Raiderlink available for grading (degree candidate grades due at noon May 14). GPTI's - get your grades in as soon as possible, and make sure that Banner has accepted them by clicking the "Submit" button.

May 6, Tuesday

Last day of classes.

May 7, Wednesday

Individual study day.
Late night breakfast available for residents living on campus. (As you may well be by this point...)

May 8 – 13, Thursday – Saturday / Monday – Tuesday

Final examinations.GPTI's - note that classes cannot be made up at this time. Exam week is for exams.

Tuesday, May 13

Spring semester ends.GPTI's - no work is permitted to be submitted after this date.

May 14, Wednesday

Noon, grades due for graduating students via Raiderlink.GPTI's - if you have graduating seniors, do not miss this deadline!

May 16 – 17, Friday – Saturday

Commencement. Schedule of ceremonies can be found at www.depts.ttu.edu/provost/commencement/index.php .

May 19, Monday

Noon, Final grades due via Raiderlink.GPTI's - do not miss this deadline! Check your grades, double-check them, and make sure you are checking email regularly for at least a week after this date in case of grade issues.