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Graduate Forms

The three major requirements on the form: evidence of teaching excellence, progress toward your degree, and specific needs for a teaching appointment, such as summer coursework.  MA’s may apply for summer teaching, but for the reasons noted on the application form, Ph.D.s will usually receive preference. 

The Graduate Student Handbook, page 56, indicates the requirements for Graduate Studies Committee approval of an independent study or an internship. 

Submission of a proposal does not guarantee approval by the GSC; if a seminar in the general area of the 5300 topic exists, the GSC will generally insist that the student take the seminar unless there is some compelling reason for the student not to take it.  We are not trying to stifle creativity, but to ensure that faculty who are planning their research and teaching and students who may need certain seminars do not suddenly have their schedules disrupted by classes that fail to make.

This form must be filed with the DGS by doctoral students at least six weeks before qualifying examinations, and it should be accompanied by the student's reading list and preliminary prospectus.  Read the submission instructions on the form carefully.  This form may also be found in the Graduate Student Handbook.

 This form must be filled out and submitted to the DGS at least four weeks before any potential master's thesis defense or doctoral dissertation defense.  Read the submission instructions on the form carefully. This form may also be found in the Graduate Student Handbook.  Do not confuse this with the Graduate School's Doctoral Exam/Defense Notification Form, which must be submitted to the DGS for upload at least three weeks before the proposed defense.