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LSJE - Student Profiles

Kerry Fine is a first-year PhD student studying nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty first-century American literature, with special interests in Western American literature, Western women writings, place theory, and ecocriticism. She has presented papers on the fiction of Ken Kesey and Ursula K. Le Guin.

Andrew Husband is a first-year PhD student studying nineteenth and twentieth-century American and Anglophone literatures, with special interests in ecocriticism and globalization. He has presented papers on the fiction of Cormac McCarthy and Stephen Crane, and has published articles in Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment and Texas Theatre Journal.

Maria O'Connell is a second year PhD student studying twentieth and twenty-first century American literature (particularly Westerns) with interests in language, systems theory, translation, and narratives of social justice. She has presented papers on the work of Cormac McCarthy, translation, and the role of horses in the formation of society in the colonial Southwest, and has  published articles in Céfiro and the online proceedings Cultural Constructions III.



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