Texas Tech University

Coursework Requirement

Ph.D. students take at least 60 hours of organized graduate courses beyond the bachelor's degree, including at least 45 hours of graduate courses in English. Graduate courses from a Master's program, either at Texas Tech or another university, may count toward the total of 60 post-baccalaureate hours. In fulfilling the following specific course work requirements for the Ph.D., students may use individual courses to satisfy requirements in more than one area:

Foundations Requirement (6 hours)

  • English 5340: Research Methods
  • English 5342: Critical Methods

Breadth Requirement (15 hours)

  • two courses in British literature (one before 1660 and one after 1660)
  • two courses in American literature (one before 1900 and one after 1900)
  • one additional course determined in consultation with the student's advisory committee

Pedagogy Requirement (3 hours)

  • English 5392: Teaching College Literature (this course must be taken in the spring semester of the student's second year)

Professional Development Requirement (3 hours)

  • English 5390: Writing for Publication (this course must be taken in the fall semester of the student's second year)

Literary Genres Requirement (9 hours)

  • at least one course in three of five genres (poetry, drama, fiction, film, and non-fiction)

Specialization Requirement (18 hours)

  • at least six courses in the student's area of concentration, as defined by his/her dissertation committee and the plan for his/her intended work for the dissertation