Texas Tech University

Dissertation Committee

Before completion of their coursework, students should, in consultation with their Provisional Advisory Committee and the DGS, select a faculty member to serve as chair of the student's final three-person advisory committee. After choosing (and being accepted by) a chair, the student should discuss potential committee members with her or him, since it is important that the chair and members of the advisory committee work as a team. Expertise areas of the chair and members of the advisory committee should reflect the specialization (usually but not necessarily within the primary area of the student's coursework) and related field in which the student plans to take the qualifying examination and write the dissertation. Considering a topic for the dissertation, the student should consult with committee members about the field of specialization (a historical period, a body of theoretical work, a genre, a topic) and the related field (a contiguous period or related theory, genre, or topic).