Texas Tech University

Foreign Language/Methods Requirement

  1. Two foreign languages: requirement for each met by 4th semester of undergraduate study with a grade of B or higher in the final course, or completion of intensive summer foreign language sequences for graduate students with a grade of B or higher in the final course.
  2. High proficiency in one foreign language: a grade of B or better in a graduate course taught in a foreign language or in two upper division undergraduate language courses with readings in the original language, or high proficiency in English philology (ENGL 5301: Old English, ENGL 5303: Beowulf, ENGL 5334: History of the English Language).
  3. One foreign language satisfied under the provisions of option one, plus two methods courses (excluding ENGL 5340: Research Methods and ENGL 5342: Critical Methods) approved by the Director of Graduate Studies and the student's doctoral advisory committee.