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Tatiana Aker | MATC (TCR)


Aaron Alford


Chad Abushanab is a PhD student in the English program with specializations in creative writing (poetry), poetic form, and Modern American poetry. He has published poems, essays, and reviews with The Raintown Review, Bayou Magazine, Resources for American Literary Scholarship, and The Chronicle of Higher Education, among others. He received honorable mention for a 2011 Academy of American Poets prize, and a fellowship to study at the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry at Queens University Belfast, in Northern Ireland. He is currently an associate editor for Iron Horse Literary Review.

Mira Allen

Mira Allen | Graduate Certificate (TCR)

BBA | Angelo State University | International Business

Research interests: Intercultural writing, editing, teaching

Sarah Austin

Sarah Austin | PhD student (TCR)

MEd | Salisbury University
MA | Colorado State University | Rhetoric and Composition

Research interests: Critical composition theory and activism in the first-year composition (FYC) classroom; technology and the re-envisioning of composition pedagogy and FYC programs; media studies as they pertain to visual and feminist rhetorics; whiteness studies and technology; engagement of non-traditional students through technical communication; gender rhetorics pertaining to technology and new media; neuroscience's rhetorical reinforcement of gender norms; issues of access related to knowledge, technology; science studies; gender and the military.

Austin, Sarah E. "When Sex Doesn't Sell: Using a Qualitative Analysis of a Feminist Magazine to Teach the Rhetorical Situation." Feminist Teacher 24.1-2: (2014). Print.

Austin, Sarah E. "The Implications of the 'New' Majority of Non-Tenurable Faculty for First Year Composition Curricula and Critical Pedagogy." ProQuest, 2014. Web.

Jeanna Balreira

Jeanna Balreira | MATC  (TCR)

BA | Trinity University | English, German

Research Interests: programming as a second language, programming languages as diagrammed with subjects, predicates, adjectives, adverbs, objects, and clauses. the gap between human and computer communication, engagement with "PSL" courses and course content

Michelle Bangson

Michelle Bangston | MATC (TCR)

BA | Auburn University | English

Research interests: Visual Rhetoric, New Media, and User-Centered Design

Aubrey Banning

Aubrey Banning | MATC (TCR)

BA | Saginaw Valley State University | Professional and Technical Writing

Research Interests: technical writing and communication, editing, usability studies, accessibility studies

The Doctor as a Philosopher King: A Study of the Epistemology of Doctor Who. Pacific and Ancient Modern Language Association Conference, San Diego, CA. November 2011.

Elizabeth Barone

Elizabeth Barone | PhD student (TCR)

BA | University of Wisconsin, Whitewater | Music
MA | University of Wisconsin, Stout | Technical and Professional Communication

Research interests: writing pedagogy, online writing pedagogy, technology and writing, social media,


Joshua Barron | PhD student (TCR)

BBA | UT Dallas | Management Information Systems and Organizational Behavior
MBA | Texas Tech University | Business Management

Research interests: New media, persuasive language in technical documents, decision-making, usability

 Head shot of Erica Ellingson Baumle

Erica Ellingson Baumle | PhD student (TCR)

BA | Texas Lutheran University | English
MA | Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi | English

Research interests: digital rhetoric; user-created technical communication; digital literacy; service-learning pedagogy

Into the Corpus: Text Mining Instructor Commentary presented at C&W 2014

Andrea Beaudin

Andrea L. Beaudin | PhD candidate (TCR)

BA | Albertus Magnus College | English
MA | Southern Connecticut State University | British Literature

Research interests: Digital media, visual rhetoric, multimodal feedback, usability, new media, composition and rhetoric, technical communication

#4C13: Tweeting the C's (Kairos CCCC Reviews)
Coordinating Editor, Kairos CCCC Reviews

The writing studio: Participatory design for the composing community.
Presented at CCCC, 2014.

Head shot of Maryn Belling 

Maryn Belling | PhD student (TCR)

MA | Northern Arizona University | English
MA | Northern Arizona University | Administration, health care emphasis

Research interests: Rural Healthcare, Women's Experiences in the Workplace, Teen Pregnancy, Health Disparities, Mental Health, Reproductive Health (preventative, contraceptive, wellness), Religious Influence on Sexual Health/Satisfaction/Beliefs, Sex Ed/Abstinence Only Education, Fear as an Extrinsic Motivator for Abstinence, Cultural Constructs of a Woman's Worth, Indigenous Peoples' Enculturation About Gender & Reproduction


Tyler Berringer


Andrew Berthrong


Brandy Bippes | PhD (TCR)


Erin Bistline


Rhonda Bitner | CTTC  TCR

 Head shot of Andrew Blick

Andrew Blick | PhD (TCR)


Joshua Blount |MATC TCR


Jessie Borgman | PHD TCR

Jessie Borgman is a PhD student in Technical Communication and Rhetoric. She has a B.A. from Indiana University and an M.A. from Western Michigan University. She is the co-creator of The Online Writing Instruction Community (www.owicommunity.org), a website dedicated to collecting and sharing online writing instruction resources. Her research interests include online writing instruction, course design, genre studies, two-year colleges and Writing Program Administration. Publications and conference presentations can be found on her website (www.jessieborgman.com).



Nikki Borrenpohl | PHD TCR

BA- Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

MA- Clemson University

 Head shot for Margaret Emma Brandl

Margaret Emma Brandl is a PhD student in English specializing in creative writing (fiction) with a focus on contemporary prose, hybrid forms, and translation. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Gulf Coast, Hobart, Cartridge Lit, and Paragraphiti, among others.

She is currently an associate editor for Iron Horse Literary Review and a TEACH Program fellow. You can view her website here.


Christin Brodie | MATC (TCR)

BS | US Air Force Academy | Humanities

Research interests: Technical editing


Cris Broyles | PhD student (TCR)


Rose Cahalan |MATC TCR

Head shot of Nick Carrington 

Nick Carrington | PhD student (TCR)

BA | Cedarville University | Technical and Professional Communication
MA | Missouri State University | Writing

Research interests: Technical communication pedagogy, web content development, editing

Presented a workshop entitled "Preparing Students to Learn Technology Throughout Their Careers" at the 10th Annual Society for Technical Communication Workshop for Teachers of Technical Writing at Missouri State on March 28, 2013

Presented a workshop entitled "Finding the Right Job: Why You Have More Options Than You Think" at the 12th Annual Society for Technical Communication Regional Student Conference at Missouri State University on March 29, 2013.

Presented "Reflecting on the Tools of Technical Communication" at CPTSC 2013


Garth Clayton | PhD student (TCR)


 Head shot of Joy Cooney

Joy Cooney | PhD student (TCR)

BS | Southern Utah University | Communication
MA | Northern Arizona University | English
Graduate Certificate Northern Arizona University | Professional Writing

Research interests: rhetoric of food; ethics and social justice; decolonizing and feminist methodologies; rhetorical analysis; user-centered design

Shayla Corprew

Shayla Corprew | MATC (TCR)

BA | Virginia Tech | English (Professional Writing concentration)
BA | Virginia Tech | Interdisciplinary Studies (Africana Studies)

research interests: visual rhetoric, document design, ethics, information management and security, graphic design


Joshua Cowan

Bailey Cundiff

Bailey Cundiff | MATC (TCR)

BA | Texas A&M | English (Rhetoric emphasis)

research interests: writer-editor relationship; revision and editing pedagogy; tech comm for nonprofits



Chanakya Das |MATC TCR

My LinkedIn profile: https://in.linkedin.com/in/chanakyadas

BSc | Bangalore University, India | Microbiology
MSc | Bangalore University, India | Microbiology
Fundamental Certification Program in Technical Writing | The Writers Block, India

Research Interests: Digital media, visual rhetoric, usability, user-centered design analysis, technical communication

I am an analytical and detail-oriented Technical Writer with 6 years of core-software based user documentation experience in presenting technical details into comprehensible and re-usable user-specific content. As a graduate student in the MATC program at TTU, I am looking forward to have a mutually rewarding experience as a returning student to graduate school with more than 8 years of industry experience and maturing as a superior technical communicator in the process.


Mark Davis | PhD (TCR)


Laura Davison |PHD TCR

debbie davy

Debbie Davy | PhD candidate (TCR)

MS | Mercer University | Technical Communication Management

Research interests: Rhetoric, Taxation Rhetoric, Professional Communication

IPCC 2014
CCCC 2015


Brianne Dayley is an MA student in the English program with interests in dramatic criticism, stage adaptation, and dramaturgy. Brianne has presented at the National Undergraduate Literature Conference.


Chase Dearinger

Mary DeNora

Mary DeNora | PhD (TCR)

BA | University of California at Berkeley | Rhetoric
MA | San Diego State University | Rhetoric and Writing
PhD | Bethel University | Education (forthcoming, 2016)

Rhetoric of Progressive Revelation - Master's Project, San Diego State University, May 2007


Savannah Doerzbacher is an MA student in the English program with specializations in Early British Literature with a focus in Shakespearean Literature and Medieval and Renaissance Drama.

Her MA thesis will likely be on Elizabethan Revenge Tragedy and the dehumanization of the avenger. She would like to go on to teach high school or college after receiving her MA.


Allison Donohue is an MA student studying creative writing poetry and English literature. Most recently, she has published on the Volta 365, an online publication focusing on the critique of contemporary poetry. Her current poetic project is centered around The Black Forest in which she blends German folklore, forestry, and nature together and assumes personas.


Joseph Dornich

ashley edlin

Ashley Hardage Edlin | PhD student (TCR)

BA | Wayland Baptist University | English and Business Administration
MA | Wayland Baptist University | English

Research interests: Rhetorical analysis, archival and historical research, and feminist rhetorics

Women and Wartime: Women's Ways of Making During WWII. Presented at Feminisms and Rhetorics conference in Tempe, AZ, 2015.

Composition and service learning: Using reflections to incorporate experiential and practical knowing into a first-year writing course. Presented at South Central Writing Center Association conference, 2014.

tim elliott

Tim Elliott | PhD candidate (TCR)

BA | Saint Louis University | English
MA | Iowa State University | Literature

President, Texas Tech chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC)

Research interests: visual rhetoric, public policy, urbanism, cultural rhetorics, comic books

Sexy art, speculative commerce: The X-Men #1 launch extravaganza. in D. Darowski (ed.), The Ages of X-men: Essays on the Children of the Atom in Changing TImes. Jefferson, NC: McFarland Press.

Data collection as storycrafting: Lessons from a troubled case of urban planning. Presented at ATTW conference, 2014, with Kristen Moore.

Using Instructables to create authentic audience-centered instruction sets. Presented at CCCC, 2014, with Angela Shaffer.

Kim Elmore

Kimberly Elmore is | PhD student (TCR)

BA | Virginia Tech | English
MA | University of Alabama, Huntsville | English Language and Literature

Research interests: rhetorical analysis, science writing, Disability Studies, autism rhetorics, advocacy rhetorics, user-centered design, Universal Design, participatory research

Embracing Interdependence: Technology Developers, Autistic Users, and Technical Communicators in Rhetorical AccessAbility: At the Intersection of Technical Communication and Disability Studies, Baywood's Technical Communication Series, Lisa Meloncon, ed., Amityville, NY, 2012

A New Method in User-Centered Design: Collaborative Prototype Design Process (CPDP), Co-authored with other members of the Fifth Iteration online TTU TCR PhD cohort, Journal of Technical Writing and Communication 42(2), pp. 123-142 2012

Co-presented with Jeannie Bennett "At the Borders of Experiential Knowledge and Scientific Authority: How do Autistic Women Define Autism?" at the 2014 Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) Conference in San Antonio

Presented "Negotiations of Voice and Rhetorical Listening in Public Dialogue about Autism Advocacy" at the 2014 Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) in Indianapolis

Guest lectured on "What is Autism? DSM-5 Development, Expert Ways of Knowing, and the Progress of Science," in October 2012 as part of the Cavanaugh Public Lecture Series

Presented "The Autism Community, the Autistic Community, and the Many" at RSA 2012 in Philadelphia on a panel with Chris Andrews and Danielle Saad

Discussed "Autistic Women and Professional Communication" research methods and results at the Qualitative Research Network (QRN) and the Research Network Forum (RNF) at CCCC 2011 in Atlanta

Amilia Evans

Amilia Evans | MATC (TCR)

BA | Virginia Tech | English

Research interests: Rhetoric, Composition and Technology; Print Publications


Diana Fabing | GCGP TCR


Tricia Fausset | PhD candidate (TCR)

BA | University of California, San Diego | Chemistry
MS | California State University, Northridge | Biochemistry

Research interests: the use of visualizations to communicate science and medical information. Specifically photographs, illustrations, and storytelling used to contextualize or facilitate meaning making.

"Adventures of a Sucrose Molecule: From Sugar Beet to Sweet Treat" oral presentation at the 2014 American Chemical Society Annual Meeting (Dallas, TX).


Jennifer Fierke | PhD student (TCR)

BA | Macalester College | English Literature and Creative Writing
MA | University of Minnesota | Liberal Studies

Research interests: posthuman rhetoric, histories of technology and medicine, embodiment, evolution


Ruth Flores | MATC  TCR


Emily Fox | MATC (TCR)

BA | Texas Tech University | English

Research Interests: editing and publishing

  Rachel Furey is a PhD student in English specializing in creative writing. She is a winner of Sycamore Review’s Wabash Prize for Fiction, Crab Orchard Review’s Charles Johnson Student Fiction Award, and Yemassee’s William Richey Short Fiction Contest. Her work has also appeared or is forthcoming in Hunger Mountain, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Sweet, Tidal Basin Review, American Fiction, and Chautauqua.



Ashley Mag Gabbert is a PhD student in the English program with a specialization in creative writing, specifically in poetry and non-fiction. She graduated magna cum laude with honors in English from Trinity University and received her MFA in poetry writing from The University of California at Riverside. Mag is a contributing writer for The Nervous Breakdown, where her essays regularly appear.

Her poetry, essays, and reviews have also been published or are forthcoming in The Rattling Wall, The Rumpus, and The San Antonio Current, among others. Mag has previously served as the co-editor of The Trinity Review and associate poetry editor of The Coachella Review; she is now an associate editor of Iron Horse Review and is the graduate advisor of Texas Tech's undergraduate literary journal, The Harbinger.


Taryn Gilbert is a PhD student in the English program, specializing in American Literature. Her research interests center on American studies, with a focus on late-nineteenth- and twentieth century American literature and culture. Within the field, she is particularly interested in race, ethnicity, and gender studies.


Julie Gerdes | PhD student (TCR)

BA | Clemson University | Writing and Publication Studies, Spanish
MA | University of South Florida | Rhetoric and Composition

Research interests: medical rhetorics, rhetoric of global health, document design

Gerdes, Julie, and Ambar Basu. "Malawi." SAGE Encyclopedia of Health Communication. 1st ed. 2014. Print and Electronic.

Gerdes, Julie, and Ambar Basu. "South Africa." SAGE Encyclopedia of Health Communication. 1st ed. 2014. Print and Electronic.

Gerdes, Julie. "Professional and Technical Communication: An Overview." A Rhetorical Approach to Workplace Writing Practices. Eds. Cassandra Branham, Meg Mandell, and Rachel Tanski. University of South Florida, 2014.

Gerdes, Julie, and Alex Watkins. "Who Has a 'Stake' in the Argument? An Introduction to Primary and Potential Stakeholders." Amendment to Rhetoric Matters, 3rd Edition. Eds. Jason Carabelli and Brogan Sullivan. New York: Bedford, 2014. "Understanding Claims." Rhetoric Matters, 3rd Edition. Eds. Jason Carabelli and Brogan Sullivan. New York: Bedford,

2013. "Visual Rhetoric and Cultural Considerations." Rhetoric Matters, 3rd Edition. Eds. Jason Carabelli and Brogan Sullivan. New York: Bedford, 2013.

"Using Digital Tools to Facilitate and Assess the Development 21st Century Literacy Competencies in Scientific and Technical Writing Programs." Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication. Colorado Springs, CO. 25 September 2014.

​​​"Regulating Bodies of (Re)settled Refugees." Rhetoric Society of America. San Antonio, TX. 26 May 2014.

"Screening access through data collection: A case study of refugee resettlement health guidelines." Conference of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing, Indianapolis, IN, 19 March 2014.


Kathie Goldsmith | MATC TCR


Kala Gorbett | MATC (TCR)

BA University of Georgia | English


Hilary Graham | PhD student (TCR)

  Blaine Grimes
david grover

Stephen David Grover | PhD student (TCR)

BA | Brigham Young University | English
MA | Ohio University | English

Research interests: teacher preparation, online writing instruction, composition, writing program administration, cookbook rhetoric, creative nonfiction

"Mixed Blessings," Euphony 11.1 (Winter 2011) "The Missionary," Irreantum 12.1 (2010) (Charlotte and Eugene England Personal Essay Contest, honorable mention, 2009)

"Sing, Dear Gemini," Black and White 3 (Spring 2010)

"On Trembling," Artful Dodge 48/49 (2009) ( AWP Intro Journal Award winner, creative nonfiction category, 2006)

Choose your own adventure: Agency as constitutive rhetorical vision in web 2.0. Presented at the Rhetoric Society of American conference, 2014.

Nonfiction Wow: An audience-participation game show. Presented at Nonfiction Now: The Bedell Nonfiction Conference, 2010

The long and short of It: The evolving shapes of creative nonfiction. Presented at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference, 2010

  Emily Grover is a PhD student in English, with specialization in 18th Century British Literature. She has taught Neoclassic to Romantic British literature at the university level for two years, and she has been teaching composition courses since 2003.

Stacey Lea Haenchen is an MA student. Her research interests include contemporary literature, historical fiction, and social effects of political trauma.


Andreh Haftvani | MATC (TCR)

BA | University of California, San Diego | History
MA | University of California, San Diego | Management Science

Research interests: Classical rhetoric

  Brittney Hagan is an MA student in the English program with specializations in Young Adult literature and the role of the adolescent. Her current interests include female agency in dystopian worlds and the fantasy genre’s influence in teenage development.

Kathleen Hardesty | PHD (TCR)


BA l Marshall University l English
BA l Marshall University l International Affairs
MA l The George Washington University l International Affairs
MA l University of South Florida l English, Rhetoric and Composition

Kathleen has been a professional and technical writer and editor for more than 15 years, focusing primarily on the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. She specializes in all areas of business communication, including marketing communication, professional/technical writing and editing, public relations, internal and external corporate communication, and online communication.

Kathleen is currently an English instructor for Webber International University and chairs the university's corporate communications major. She teaches courses in professional writing, technical writing, media writing, publication design and editing, creative writing, and English composition, as well as a senior seminar in corporate communications.

Her research interests include ethics, rhetorical theory, invitational rhetoric, technical and professional communication, and global issues.


Justin Hall

Justin Hall | MATC (TCR)

BA | Angelo State University | English

research interests: multimodal pedagogy, ,multimodal composition, new media composition philosophy of technology, usability, data visualization, document design, visual rhetoric, visual thinking, drawing to learn, graphic novels in the, classroom

"The History and Mediatization of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales in American
Culture." Crius Undergraduate Research Journal. 2014.

"Integrating Writing Center Tutors into Developmental Writing Labs." South Central Writing Centers Association, Austin, TX: February 2015.

"The History and Mediatization of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales in American
Culture." Poster presentation, ASU Undergraduate Research Symposium, 2014.

 Head shot of Leslie Hankey

Leslie Hankey | PHD (TCR)


Megan Hansen is a PhD student in English, specializing in 19th Century American literature. Her specific interests include the shifting socioeconomic conditions of the mid-nineteenth century and the resulting literary representations of middle-class gender roles.


Dina Salah Hassan | PhD student | (TCR)


Terry Heath | Certificate of Technical Communication (TCR)

adam heidrick

Adam Heidrick | MATC (TCR)

BA | Sul Ross State University | English

Research interests: Rhetoric, Technical Communication, Postmodernism

Leah Heilig

Leah Heilig | PhD student (TCR)

BA | St. Cloud State University | English, literature emphasis
MA | St. Cloud State University | English, rhetoric and writing emphasis

Research interests: Community writing, data visualization, civic engagement, document design, and web accessibility

A New Essay: Hashtag Campaigns as Community Writing. Conference on College Composition and Communication, Houston, TX 2016.

Discovering Your Inner Starbucks: Personality Quizzes as Cultural and Digital Literacy in FYC. Computers and Writing annual conference, University of Wisconsin--Stout, 2015. With Joshua Chase.


Chloe Honum


Landon Houle is a PhD student in English. Her specialization is with an emphasis on fiction. Her work has been published in descant, and she has presented both fiction and critical articles at various conferences including the Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers (TACWT) and the Association of Graduate English Students conferences at the University of North Texas and Texas Tech.

Sam Howard

Samuel B Howard | PhD candidate (TCR)
Samuel's LinkedIn profile

BA | Utah State University | English
MA | Utah State University | English

Research interests: User experience design/user-centered design, usability testing, eye tracking, pedagogy/andragogy in technical communication and composition (onsite, hybrid, and online), instructional and information design, decision making and persuasion, instructor training

Howard, S.B. (2009). The benefits of face-to-face interaction in the online freshman composition course. MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching 5(4).

Howard, S., Huston, J., Randazzo, C., Nguyen, D., & Carter, J. (2014). Props to the eye-candyman: Visualizing interest and rhetorical influence. Presenter at the Association for Teachers of Technical Writing. Indianapolis, Indiana. March 19, 2014.

Howard, S. & Huston, J. (2013). Accept or reject: Exploring eye tracking and other methods for investigating rhetorical decision-making. Presenter at the Association for Teachers of Technical Writing. Las Vegas, Nevada. March 13, 2013.


Rebecca Howell

Rebecca Gayle Howell is a Ph.D. student in the English Department with specialization in creative writing and a focus in locally-adapted poetics and globalization. She is the author of Render / An Apocalypse, which was selected by Nick Flynn for the 2013 Cleveland State University First Book Prize and which was a finalist for Foreword Review's Book of The Year. She is also the translator of Amal al-Jubouri's Hagar Before the Occupation / Hagar After the Occupation (Alice James 2011).

Her awards include two poetry fellowships from the Fine Arts Work Center and a 2014 Pushcart Prize. Her dissertation, a second collection of original poems, is directed by Curtis Bauer. Howell is the Poetry Editor at Oxford American.



Caleb Humphreys

 Head shot of Lela Hunt

Lela Hunt | PhD student (TCR)

jeremy huston

Jeremy Huston | PhD candidate (TCR)

BA | Eastern Washington University | English Literature & Spanish
MA | Eastern Washington University | Rhetoric, Composition, and Technical Communication

Research interests: Usability (UX, HCI, Enjoyability), Ethics, Gaming, Eye Tracking, Design, Rhetoric

2014: "Props to the Eye-Candyman: Visualizing Interest and Rhetorical Influence," at ATTW2014 (with Chalice Randazzo, Sam Howard, Duc Nguyen, and Joyce Carter)

2013: "Accept or reject: Exploring eye tracking and other methods for investigating rhetorical decision making," at ATTW 2013 (with Sam Howard and Joyce Carter)

2012: "Making usable documentation: Iterative instructions and media richness," at AMC SIGDOC 2012; published in proceedings



Lindsay Inscore | MATC (TCR)

BA Wayland Baptist University English

Research interests: editing and publishing, usability, teaching English as a foreign language, linguistics, intercultural communication

Kylie Jaconsen

Kylie Jacobsen | PhD student (TCR)

BA | Southwest Minnesota State University | Professional Writing and Communication
MA | Iowa State University | Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication

Research Interests: visual rhetoric, data visualization, technical communication, usability, graphic design, risk communication


Erin Jerison | MATC (TCR)


Angela Johnson | PhD student (TCR)


Charlotte Kaempf | PhD student (TCR)


Mark L. Keats is a PhD student in the English Department with specializations in Creative Writing and Twentieth Century American Literature. His writing has appeared in or forthcoming from The Foundling Review, Clockhouse, Smokelong Quarterly, The Citron Review, and others.

He is interested in the novel and the novel form as well as adoption studies. Currently, he is a member of both the MLA and NCTE.


Andrew Keese is a PhD student in English literature. His research interests include 20th century British literature, including D. H. Lawrence, Sylvia Townsend Warner, and Graham Greene, and the role of politics in literature. He wrote reviews for and served as editor of the Journal of South Texas English Studies and presented at several conferences, including the national College English Association, the South Central Modern Language Association, and the Conference on Christianity in Literature.

 Head shot of Maria Kingsbury

Maria Kingsbury | PhD candidate (TCR)


Christine Kitano is a doctoral candidate in the English program with specializations in creative writing, 20th-21st century American poetry, and Asian American literature. She is the author of a collection of poems, Birds of Paradise, published in 2011 by Lynx House Press.

Recent awards include the Texas Tech doctoral dissertation completion fellowship and the Ithaca College pre-doctoral diversity fellowship. CW

abby koenig

Abby Koenig | PhD student (TCR)

BFA | SUNY, Purchase | Dramatic Writing
MA | UH | Mass Communication

Research interests: Media and culture, online rhetorical discourse and generational behavior, feminism

Publications: "Spaghetti Code," full-length play presented in Houston, TX

Jack Labriola

Jack T. Labriola | PhD student (TCR)

BA | SUNY at Cortland | English and Professional Writing
MATC | Texas Tech University | Technical Communication

Research interests: User experience design (UX), content strategy, information design, networked learning, online collaboration technologies

Labriola, J.T., McCarthy, M., Obi, C. (2014). An Exploratory Look at Online Instruction Delivery Across Electronic Devices. Proceedings of the 32nd ACM International Conference on Design of Communication.

Labriola, J. (2014). Review: Cross-cultural technology design: Creating culture-sensitive technology for local users. In Communication Design Quarterly. 

Labriola, J. (2014). Fostering Startups through Content Strategy. Council for Programs in Scientific and Technical Communication Conference. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Labriola, J., McCarthy, M., Obi, C. (2014). An Exploratory Look at Online Instruction Delivery Across Electronic Devices. 32nd ACM International Conference on Design of Communication. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

CCCC. (2013). Network knowledge making. Undergraduate poster session.

CCCC. (2014). From student to professional: Role-playing writers and professional gamers.Presentation session.


Brian Larsen is a PhD student in the English Program with specializations in Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction. He holds an MA in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama from University College Dublin, where he wrote a thesis on Post-colonial silence in Seamus Deane's novel Reading in the Dark; he also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Washington and has lived in the Ivory Coast, Taiwan, Ireland, Benin, and Italy. His poems have been published in North American Review and The Found Poetry Review.

He was a finalist for the 2013 Morton Marr Poetry Prize. Currently, he is researching the original production and reception or W. B. Yeats' poetry for British and American markets. He has over six years of teaching experience at both community colleges and universities.


Mike Lemon is a PhD student with emphases in Literature, Social Justice, and the Environment (LSJE) and digital humanities. He interrogates how American authors of the late-nineteenth to early-twentieth centuries transgress regional, generic, and thematic borders as they encounter national issues.

Recent presentations include an appeal for American naturalist texts in ecocriticism, Catholic ideology and local environmental justice movements in Ana Castillo's So Far From God, and transgressive genres in Bret Harte's The Outcasts of Poker Flats.

Zretta Lewis

Zretta Lewis | Graduate certificate (TCR)

BA | SIU-Carbondale, IL | Speech Communications
MA | Chicago State University | English
MA | Saint Xavier University Chicago | Currriculum & Instruction
Graduate Certificate in Teaching Tech Comm | Texas Tech University

Research interests: Teaching of English and Tech Comm, Online teaching of writing, Using New Media


Essence London is a Creative Writing MA student in the English program with a specialization in Poetry. Her poems have been published in joINT. Literary Magazineand on The Watering Hole website. She is currently working on establishing a black literary press. One of the early manifestations of the press is CARGO Literary Reviews. Dr. Curtis Bauer serves as chair of her thesis committee, and together they will compile a chapbook likely on black mothers and the loss of their children.


Dina Lopez | CTTC (TCR)


Tabitha Lowery


Travis Mabry | MATC (TCR)


Nicholas Maggio | MATC (TCR)

BA | Texas Tech University | English Literature and Language

Research interests: technical writing and editing, content management, language and dialectics

 Head shot of Rick Mangum

Rick Mangum | PhD (TCR)


Joya Mannan

Joya Mannan | PhD student (LIT)

BA | Texas A&M University
MA | Texas Tech University

Research Interests: Digital humanities, book history, reception studies, film studies, postcolonial theory, Shakespeare studies, letterpress

Selected Presentations:
"Macmillan’s English Classics: The SparkNotes of British Imperialism." The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP). Montreal, Canada. July 2015.

"Building and Sharing: The Development of the Victorian Miscellany Project." South Central MLA Convention. Austin, TX. October 2014.

"Express Postage for 'Falcons' and 'Pecans'." Digital Frontiers Conference. University of North Texas, Denton, TX. September 2014.

"Civilization in the Dream World: Northrop Frye’s Green World Theory in James Cameron’s Avatar." Annual Comparative Literature Symposium. Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX. April 2011.

 Head shot of Kerry Manzo

Kerry Manzo | PhD student

Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin | PhD student (TCR)

BA (with distinction) | University of Virginia | Sociology
MBA | Naval Postgraduate School

Research interests: visual rhetoric, business communication, cross-cultural communication, persuasion

Martin, S. and King, C. (2010) "Ethos and Leader Communication: Examining Responses to a Policy Change Memo," Proceedings from the 75th Annual Convention. The Association for Business Communication.

Martin, S. (2012) "Visual Rhetoric of Recruiting Campaigns: Comparing the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps." The Association for Business Communication, 77th Annual Convention.

King, C. and Martin, S. (2012) "Strategic Communication: Research and Practice." The Association for Business Communication, 77th Annual Convention.

 Head shot of Jamie May

Jamie May | PHD (TCR)

BA | Southeastern Louisiana University | English

MA | Southeastern Louisiana University | English/Professional Writing

Research interests: composition pedagogy, entertainment media, document design, workplace writing pedagogy


Michael McCarthy

Michael J. McCarthy | PhD student (TCR)

BA | Louisiana State University | English Literature
MATC | Texas Tech University | Technical Communication

Research interests: Web 2.0, collaborative learning spaces, alternative rhetorics

SIGDOC 2014 - Presenter on User Experience Project
CCCC - 2014 User Experience Poster Session

 Head shot of Angela McCauley

Angela McCauley | PhD student (TCR)

Sheri McClure-Baker

Sheri McClure-Baker | PhD student (TCR)

BA | English
MA | Literature
Advanced certificate of study, Composition

Research interests: race studies, online teaching, rhetoric of conflict and disaster

The Modern Day Dirge: Using Narrative to Reclaim Racialized Space in the Classroom - presented at WPA 2010

Geographies of Race: Rethinking Race and Space in the Composition Classroom - presented at CCCCs 2010

Race and Literacy in the Virtual Classroom, presented at PCA/ACA 2013


Bethany McKinney


Derek McKown


Jennifer Mclaughlin | PHD (TCR)



Susan Meyer | MATC (TCR)

Susan is a Masters student in the Technical Communication and Rhetoric program. She received her BA in English from Hendrix College. She currently works as an editor and writer for a digital publishing company.

Research interests: Education, New Media, Technical Writing, User Experience.

 Head shot of Alexis Milmine

Alexis Milmine is a Ph.D. student in the English program with specializations in Victorian literature, medieval and renaissance studies, and book history/digital humanities. She has been published in The Universal Vampire: Origins and Evolutions of a Legend (Farleigh Dickinson) and presented at the Southwest PCA/ACA and Northeast Texas Regional Phi Alpha Theta conferences.

chase mitchell

Chase Mitchell | PhD student (TCR)

BA | King University | Technical & Professional Communication
MA | East Tennessee State University | Professional Communication

Research interests: rhetoric and composition, cultural rhetorics, strategic communications for business and nonprofit, the rhetoric of economics and international trade, and coffee

"The Potential of Metaphor in ESL Pedagogy: A Pilot Case Study". In Connexions 2(1), 2014, 75-87.

@ 2010 Appalachian Student Research Forum, April 8th, Johnson City, TN – "Effects of Film on Nation Branding: Thailand, a Case Study"

@ 2013 Engagement Scholarship Consortium, Oct. 9th, Lubbock, TX – "International Collaboration for Engaging Rural Community Development in Phrao, Northern Thailand

@ 2015 Conference on College Composition and Communication, March 20th, 2015, Tampa, Florida – "Thinking Globally, Composing Locally: Innovation and Infrastructural Growth and Reform in the International Media Ecosystem" with Dr. Rich Rice


Monica Montelongo Flores is a Doctoral Candidate in the department of English with specializations in U.S. Literature and Visual Culture and Chicano/a Cultural Studies. Her research has been published in Soutwestern American Literature and is forthcoming in Quarterly Review of Film and Video. Her dissertation project combines decolonial and spatial theory as it looks at the shifting landscapes of the West and the Border, particularly as they relate to the displacement of Mexicans and Mestizos.

Mallory Mooney

Mallory Mooney | MATC (TCR)

BS | East Texas Baptist University } University Studies

Research interests: user-centered design, web and content development, information architecture

Maureen Morasch

Maureen Morasch | PhD student (TCR)

BA | Washington State University-Vancouver | English, Humanities
MLIS | University of Washington | Library & Information Science

Research interests: Dissertation writing, doctoral student writing preparation, power balance in student-advisor relationships, writer identity

Embedded reference: Providing research guidance within the education courseroom. (2013). Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning, 7, 297-312. DOI: 10.1080/1533290X.2013.783524

If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere: Providing reference
and instructional library services in the virtual environment. (2012). Co-authored with Elizabeth Leonard. Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship, 24, 257-267. DOI: 10.1080/1941126X.2012.731946

Point-of-Need Resources in the LMS: Providing Performance Support to Thousands of Online Graduate Students. Co-presented with Kimberly Read at the Association of College and Research Libraries 2015 Conference, March 26, 2015, Portland, OR.


Luke Morgan


Scott Morris


Meredith Morrow | MATC (TCR)


 Head shot of Nancie Muncie

Nancie Muncie | PhD student (TCR)



Jennifer Nardin | MATC (TCR)



Kenna Neitch | PhD student (CLGT)

BA | English Literature and Philosophy (Texas Lutheran University)
MA | English (Texas Tech University)

Research Interests: Gender and intersectionality, feminist comparativism, new media, literature of the Middle Americas

Selected Presentations:
“Challenging Patriarchal Eurocentrism, Invoking Indigenous Agency: Dismantling the Rhetoric of Anti-colonial Resistance.” National Women’s Studies Association Conference. November 2016.

“The Challenges and Potential of Cross-Disciplinary Translation.” TTU’s 48th Annual Comparative Literature Symposium. April 2016.

“Putting the ‘Class’ in ‘America’s Classical Music’: Pandora, Objectivity, and Representations of Jazz.” American Culture Association and Popular Culture Association Conference. March 2016.

“Displacing Our Fear of Small Numbers: The Significance of Appadurai in Dystopian Fiction.” OSU’s “Violent Bodies” Graduate Student Conference. October 2015.

With Tim Sanchez, Tiffiny Sia, and Andrew Serafino. “Sometimes Girls Don’t Want Fun: Sex and Race on Chatroulette.” Southwestern Psychological Association Conference. April 2014.

 Head shot of Duc Nguyen

Duc Nguyen | PhD student (TCR)

BA | English Language
BS | Information Technology
MBA | Business Management

Research Interests: Some interdisciplinary areas between TC/rhetoric and other disciplines, e.g., usability testing, localization and translation (esp. machine translation), and argumentation studies.


Kevin O'Donovan is an MA student and GPTI in the English program with an emphasis in Creative Writing, specifically Narrative Non-Fiction. He is currently working on a series of personal non-fiction essays that highlight the different aspects of suburban life, investigating experiences that range from early childhood to adolescence and young adulthood. After earning his MA, he hopes to become a teacher of English and/or Creative Writing at the high school level, while writing on the side.


Victoria O'Hara | MATC (TCR)


fer oneil

Fer O'Neil | PhD student (TCR)
Fer's Write Shoe
Fer's Twitter

BA | University of Maine, Farmington | English
MA | Minnesota State University, Mankato | Technical Communication

Research interests: User-centered design, ethics, technical communication, information and document design, technology, usability, information security and communication

O'Neil, Fer. 2015. Ethics Case Study: Special Edition on Ethics in Technical Communication, STC Intercom (Fall). http://www.stc.org/publications/intercom

O'Neil, Fer. 2015. Target Data Breach: Applying User-Centered Design Principles to Data Breach Notifications. Proceedings of the 33rd Annual International Conference on Documentation. ACM, New York, NY, USA. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2775441.2775456

O'Neil, Fer. 2015. Perceptions of Content Authoring Methodologies in Technical Communication: The Perceived Benefits of Single Sourcing. Professional Communication Conference (IPCC), 2015 IEEE International. http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/conhome.jsp?punumber=1000591

O'Neil, Fer. 2015. "Say What? Required contents of notice in data breach notifications." We Live Security.

O'Neil, Fer. 2011. "The Technical Writer's Influence on Social Media Strategy," Techniques (Spring): 8–9.

Tcworld tekom 2015, Stuttgart, Germany. "A Second Chance for a Good First Impression: How Technical Writers Can Use Overlay Help Wizards for Documentation."

IEEE Procomm 2015, University of Limerick, Ireland: "Perceptions of Content Authoring Methodologies in Technical Communication: The Perceived Benefits of Single Sourcing."

ACM Sigdoc 2015, University of Limerick, Ireland: "Target Data Breach: Applying User-Centered Design Principles to Data Breach Notifications."

Techsmith interview, 2014, online: Making support videos and differences from instructional videos.

STC Live Webinar 2012: Using YouTube Videos to Enhance "Traditional" Documentation.


Michael Opsteegh | PHD (TCR)


BA | California State University, Long Beach | English
MA | California State University, Long Beach | English, Rhetoric, and Composition

Michael has been a technical writer in the software and financial services industries since 2004. He is currently a senior technical writer for Eyefinity, which supports eyecare professionals with industry-leading software and services, and he is a lecturer in the professional writing program at California State University, Long Beach. Michael specializes in user guides, regulatory guidance, knowledge management, policies, procedures, and illustrations, and he adds value through research, insight, and enthusiasm. He is among the first in the profession to be designated as a Certified Technical Professional Communicator (CPTC).

Research interests: ethics, usability, visual rhetoric, risk communication



Josh Osbourn is a first-year MA student, specializing in Film Studies. His research interests include genre studies in horror films and the western, as well as the aesthetics of foreign cinema.


Olga Pahom is a doctoral candidate in English with a concentration in Linguistics and a minor in Applied Linguistics. Her research focuses on bilingualism, gender and language, conversation analysis, storytelling, second language acquisition, and second language instruction.

Her work has been published in Hispania, Gender and Language, and The Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language and presented at various regional, national, and international conferences, including LSA, AAAL, and ACTFL among others.


Michael Palmer is a PhD candidate in English, specializing in nonfiction. His work won the 2010 University of New Orleans Study Abroad contest and has appeared in The Collagist, Sunstone, Dialogue and other journals.

Laura Patterson

Laura Patterson| PhD student (TCR)

BA | University of Saskatchewan \ | English
MA | University of Saskatchewan | Interdisciplinary Studies - Rhetoric, Popular Media, & Culture

Research interests: Technical communication pedagogy; service learning in technical communication; engineering education and technical communication

(2014). Community engagement in a first-year engineering communication course: Increasing student numbers from handfuls to hundreds. Paper presented at the 121st American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition, Indianapolis, IN.


Olga Pahom is a doctoral candidate in English with a concentration in Linguistics and a minor inApplied Linguistics. Her research focuses on bilingualism, gender and language, conversation analysis, storytelling, second language acquisition, and second language instruction. Her work has been published in Hispania, Gender and Language, and The Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language and presented at various regional, national, and international conferences, including LSA, AAAL, and ACTFL among others.


Katrina Prow


Lanetta Purnell-Adams| PhD student (TCR)



Bradley Plummer | PHD (TCR)



Trisha Pokrass | MATC (TCR)


BA / Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi / English

Research Interests: writing across disciplines, writing pedagogy, online writing pedagogy, course design, document design, technology, social media

I am a middle school science teacher at a Texas public school and a writing consultant at my local community college. As a science teacher, I utilize my natural tendency to think logically and systematically as well as satisfy my desire to work with young people. As a writing consultant, I help college students complete writing assignments in various subjects. I am interested in the ways in which writing is applied across various disciplines in the academic setting, and I look forward to using the knowledge I gain as an MATC student to continue my career as an educator.

lindi ragsdale

Lindi Ragsdale|MATC (TCR)
Lindi's LinkedIn Page

BA | University of Texas, San Antonio | English

Research interests: Editing, technical communication, career development, marketing


Rachel Rayl | MATC (TCR)

BS | New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology | Technical Communication

Research Interests:
data visualization, STEM communication, science writing

Rayl, R. (2015). Implications of Desnoyers' taxonomy for standardization of data visualization: A study of students' choice and knowledge. Technical Communication, 62(3). 193-208.

Duráo, R., Wei T., Henneke K., Balch K.M., Hill M., & Rayl R. (2014, July 8-12). Visualizing the data visualization network: The dvmap project. European Scientific Journal, 1, 232-241. doi: 10.13140/2.1.1427.3929

Presented "Technical Communication Client Projects and Non-Profit Partnerships: Programmatic Research, Student Voices, and Future Directions" at the 2015 Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication in Logan, Utah. Co-presented with Elisabeth Kramer-Simpson, Steve Simpson, and Abigail Smoake).


 Eric Reed

Eric Melvin Reed | PHD (TCR)


M.S., Political Science, University of Nebraska at Omaha
M.A., English, University of Nebraska at Kearney
M.A., History, University of Nebraska at Kearney

Research interests: rhetoric of History and social sciences

Publications (selected):

Adventures in the West: Stories for Young Readers. (Co-Editor). Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2007.

From the Beginning: A Century of Excellence at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. (Co-Author). Kearney: University of Nebraska at Kearney Press, 2005.

"The Old Man and the Prairie: Definitions of Masculinity in Willa Cather's 'Neighbour Rosicky' and Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea." Teaching Cather, 9(2), 2013: 16-21.



Mackenzie Regier

 Head shot of Daniel Riechers

Daniel Riechers | PHD (TCR)



Michelle Reich is a MA student in the English program. Her specializations focus on Nineteenth Century American Literature. She primarily relies on Comparative literature and focuses on how the female role has shifted throughout the nineteenth century in both society as well as within literature. Her MA portfolio will look at female's psychological strength and weakness, their placement within religion, and the emphasis placed upon female chastity.


Lauren Reichert|MATC (TCR)


Janis Rizzo| MATC (TCR)

BS | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | Biology
BS Pharm | St. John's University
MBA | Texas Tech University

Research interests: E-learning, Internet Writing, Medical Communication

Sarah Robblee

Sarah K. Robblee| PhD student (TCR)

BA | Gordon College | English
MA | Cal Poly Pomona | English

Research interests: grant writing, technical editing, research methods

Smith, S. K. (2012, May). [Review of the book "The public work of rhetoric: Citizen-scholars and civic engagement" by Ackerman, J.M., and Coogan, D.J.]. Technical Communication, 59(2), 169-170.

"Why Women Blog: The Habits, Motivations, and Topics of Professional Women Bloggers and Readers." Texas Tech University May Seminar. May 2013.

"Everything (And We Mean Everything) We Know about Editing: A Review of Contemporary Research Studies in Technical Editing" by Angela Shaffer, Alison Cope, Jennifer Freytag, Timothy Elliott, Brandon Strubberg, and Sarah Robblee. Society for Technical Communication's Technical Editing Virtual Conference. October 2012.

"Encouraging College Literacy: Guided Strategies to Promote Students' Reading Skills and Engagement." Paper presented. College Reading and Learning Association. November 2011, San Diego, California.

"Levels of Engagement in Group Work Tasks." Paper presented. Annual TESOL Convention. Graduate Student Forum. March 2009, Denver, Colorado.

"'What Does 'X' Do?' in First-Year Composition." Paper presented. Cal Poly Pomona Annual Graduate Symposium. June 2009, Pomona, California.


Dominic Russ

A head shot of Bernadette V. Russo

Bernadette V. Russo


David Ryan | PhD student (TCR)




Danielle Saad| PhD student (TCR)


yvonne sanchez

Yvonne Wade Sanchez|Graduate certificate(TCR)

BS | Economics
MA Ed | Education

Research interests: Andragogy: Adult (continuing education) focused on the needs of experienced practitioners in the field of technical communication 


Janie Santoy| PhD student (TCR)


Angela Shaffer

Angela Shaffer| PhD candidate (TCR)

BA | Angelo State University | English & Psychology
MA | Angelo State University | English, border & environmental narratives focus

Research interests: Disability rhetorics and studies, issues of power and justice, food justice & waste, environmental concerns & policies, freeganism, feminism, socialism, garden-ism, kitties, kids, coffee

(2010). Contributor and Editor for English 1302 at Angelo State University: A rhetorical guide for the student-researcher. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

(2009). Review: To Everything on Earth.Concho River Review 24(1).

Everything we know about editing: A review of contemporary research studies in technical editing. (October 2012). Presented by A. Shaffer, T. Elliott, B. Strubberg, A. Cope, S. Robblee, & J. Freytag, STC Technical Editing Virtual Conference.

Using Instructables & WikiHow to create authentic audience-centered instruction sets (March, 2014). Presented by A. Shaffer & T. Elliott, Conference for College Composition & Communication, Indianapolis, IN.

mark shealy

Mark Shealy| PhD student (TCR)

MS | University of North Texas | Information Science
MA | University of Mississippi | English

Research interests: Online education, online writing instruction, pedagogy, writing program administration, phenomenology and materiality, gender and feminism, philosophy of technology, history of computer technology, course management system design, database design


Michael Shewmaker


Jacob Shores-Areguello

 Head shot of Kate Simonian

Kate Simonian


J.D. Smith


Terry Smith | MATC (TCR)



Allison Spikes-Gilbert is an MA student in the English department with a specialization in linguistics.


Brian Spreng


Sarah Sprouse is a PhD student in the English program with a specialization in early medieval literature with focused interests in representations of marginalized peoples, miracles, and human interactions with the natural world.

She will be giving a paper on representations of the barnacle goose in twelfth century literature at the University of Maryland conference 'Knowing Nature' in October 2014, and has previously presented on topics such as ecclesiastical power structures and moments of wonder in the works of Gerald of Wales, gender transgressions in the lais of Marie de France, and the discordant binary of nature and industry in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. She has published in "Mallorn," a Tolkien studies journal and studied in Ireland with a grant from NUI-Galway.

Her teaching interests include early medieval literature, Tolkien studies, and Arthurian studies. She is a member of MLA, the Medieval Academy of America, the Tolkien Society, and MEARCSTAPA. Additionally, Sarah is an assistant to the editor of the peer-reviewed Anglo-Saxon studies journal "Heroic Age."


Gerald Staley


Lancia Stewart |MATC student (TCR)


brandon strubberg

Brandon C. Strubberg | PhD candidate (TCR)

BA | Sam Houston State University | English Language and Literature
MA | Sam Houston State University | English Language and Literature

Research interests: rhetorics of science and healthcare, technology and culture, critical theory, writing pedagogy, and technical communication

Strubberg, Brandon C. (2014) " Temporal Transference: Applying Pragma-Dialectical Analysis to a 200-Year-Old Patient-Physician Encounter." Presented at the Rhetoric Society of America; San Antonio, TX.

Strubberg, Brandon C. (2014) "Tertiary Interiorisations: Gaming as Digital Transindividuation." Presented at the Conference for College Composition and Communication; Indianapolis, IN.

Strubberg, Brandon C. (2013) "Medical Manuals as Disciplinary Intersection: A Rhetorical Analysis of the American Diabetes Association's Complete Guide to Diabetes." Presented at the 5th Annual Medicine, Humanities, and the Social Sciences Conference; Huntsville, TX.

Strubberg, Brandon C. and Tim Elliott. (2012) "Humanizing Medicine Through Graphic Storytelling." Presented at Comics and Medicine: Navigating the Margins; Toronto, ON, CA.

 Head shot of Erica Stone

Erica Stone | PHD (TCR)

Erica Stone is an online PhD student in the Technical Communication and Rhetoric program at Texas Tech University where her research interests center around the flow of information, social media's role in identity development, and public intellectuals' role in history and popular culture. As a technical communicator, Erica is primarily concerned with how publicly funded research is transmitted by for-profit publishing companies. She envisions a world where publicly funded research is available for free, in plain language, for the general public to access.

Erica earned a BFA in Studio Art from Auburn University in 2008 and an MA in English Education from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2010. She teaches Discourse (a combination of composition and speech) at the University of Missouri Kansas City. She also teaches composition classes online for Georgia Military College.



Kazutaka Sugiyama


Amber Tayama is an MA student in the English Creative Writing program with an emphasis in Fiction. She recently earned her BA in English at Texas Tech University. Her academic interest is in exploring how the bridge between mental disorders and literature is built by authors. She has been an active part of the Lubbock community for several years teaching at two non-profit centers, fundraising for the Special Olympics, and collecting donations for Hospice of Lubbock.


Robby Taylor is a PhD student in English specializing in creative writing.


Melissa Taylor | MATC (TCR)



Jennifer Thomas


Leah Thorne

Elizabeth Thorpe

Elizabeth Thorpe | MATC (TCR)

BA | Northern Arizona University | English, Philosophy


Jeremy Tow is an MA student in the English program with a specialization in Creative Writing. While receiving his BA at Texas Tech, he completed his Honor's thesisWhen the Sky Falls, a short story which culminated research of local Dust Bowl oral histories. His current academic interests include writing fiction, African-American literature, teaching composition and continuing his research on the Dust Bowl.

 Head shot of Charity Tran

Charity Tran| PhD student (TCR)


Kyle Traylor


Michael R. Trice| PhD candidate (TCR)

BA | University of Texas | English
MA | Texas State University | Technical Communication
MA University of Leeds | Communication Studies

Research interests: Online Deliberation, Usability on Civic Platforms, Games Documentation, Online Community Governance, Ethics of Information Architecture, Writing in the Disciplines

"How We Comment on Web Journalism: A Caste Study on Dialogue Found in News Articles" chapter in Ethics in Emerging Media by Continuum Press, 2011

"Increasing STEM in Study Abroad: Experiential Stories in Practice-based STEM Projects Abroad," chaired panel at Conference on International Education Exchange, 2013

"Usability Evaluations in the Digital Spaces of Public Composing: Examining User Proficiency in DentonWiki.org," paper presented to CCCC, 2013

 Jessica Ulmer

Jessica Ulmer | PHD (TCR)

BA Westfield State University English Education
MEd Elms College English Education
MA Rhode Island College English Composition and Rhetoric

Research Interests: transfer of writing-related knowledge, disciplinary literacies & pedagogies; first-year composition as writing studies, children's and adolescent literatures, literacy and motivation, and developing digital literacy in writing courses.



Kellyanne Ure is a PhD candidate in English, specializing in nineteenth-century British literature and book history. Her dissertation is on the serialization of sensation fiction in magazines of the 1860s. She has presented papers at the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals conference, participated in a seminar at the North American Victorian Studies Association conference, and contributed to the Victorian Periodicals Review bibliography. NCS, BH


 Head shot of Sarah Banschbach Valles

Sarah Banschbach Valles is a PhD student in the English program studying the convergence of Early Modern literature with science as well as Victorian visual culture. Her research interests include Pre-Raphaelite art and literature, Westerns, Science Fiction, and she has interests in writing centers and their administration.

Publications and conference presentations involve topics such as Sci-fi Westerns, opera, online education, Writing Centers, Victorian art and poetry, and Metaphysical poetry.


David Vialard| PhD student (TCR)

BA | Marian College | History
MATC | Texas Tech University | Technical Communication and Rhetoric

Research interests: Composition and rhetoric, technical | business | professional communication and media studies, pedagogy, andragogy, service learning, universal design, collaborative environments, community discourse, civic engagement

Council for Exceptional Children National Conference April, 2013: Developing a Web-Based Resource for Conducting Assessments for Students with Visual Impairments

Council for Exceptional Children National Conference April, 2013: The Roles of the Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments


Sarah Viren is a Ph.D. student in the English Department with a specialization in creative writing with a focus on creative nonfiction and a secondary specialization of comparative literature with a focus on literary translation. Her essay "My Murderer's Futon" was selected by Lee Martin for The Pinch magazine's 2014 Nonfiction Prize and will be published in Spring 2015.

Her creative work has also appeared or is forthcoming from the Colorado Review, the Massachusetts Review, Kenyon Review Online, Fourth Genre, Diagram, and others. Sarah received an M.F.A. in creative nonfiction from the University of Iowa and a B.A. in literature and gender studies from New College of Florida. Her dissertation is a collection of essays examining cultural myths of motherhood and murder. Her second dissertation is a translation of the novel Cielos de Córdoba by the Argentine writer Federico Falco. She is managing editor for Autumn Hill Books, a translation Press.


Kerrie Visconti| PhD student (TCR)

BS | Lubbock Christian University | Organizational Management
MS | Texas Tech University | Business Administration

Research interests: organizational culture, technical communication, usability testing

Maggie Waldron

Maggie Waldron | MATC (TCR)

BA | Lawrence University | Biology and Environmental Studies

Research interests: the use of rhetoric to engage and empower communities around climate change and related environmental and health issues; studying the most effective modes of communication around these topics and what makes them successful

 Head shot of Ian Weaver

Ian Weaver| PhD candidate (TCR)


Darin Williams | PHD (TCR)

BA/Morehouse College/Mathematics
MA/UC Berkeley/Education

Darin has been an educator for more than 10 years. However, his day job is consulting in environmental, health and safety management. Most of his clients operate in the energy sector and rely on his leadership to develop documents to meet industry standards. Darin collaborates with technical writers, content experts and educators to implement sustainable programs. His research interests include risk communication, climate change policy, corporate training, machine learning and productivity software.



Melanie Wilson is a PhD student in English, studying nineteenth-century British literature, particularly Gothic fiction. She is also interested in Medieval literature and the ways it is re-imagined in other periods. NCS


Elaine Wisniewski| PhD student (TCR)

BSE/MSE | University of Michigan| Industrial and Operations Engineering
MA | Eastern Michigan University | Written Communication

Research interests: Pedagogy of engineering communication,echnical communication program administration,Engineering workplace communication,Educational technology in the classroom

Wisniewski, E.C. and Northrop, M.J. (2014). Improving the engineering student experience in technical communication courses. Poster Presentation. 17th Annual Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW) Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana. March 19, 2014.

Cooney, J., Everett, H., Graham, H., Shealy, M., Weaver, I., and Wisniewski, E.C. (2013). An analysis of the complex ecological system and usability of selected weather communication products for the National Weather Service-Lubbock. ACM SIGDOC Conference, 29-30 September and 1 October 2013, Greenville, North Carolina.

Wisniewski, E.C. (2014). "Creating a more engaging learning environment in large lecture courses." Work-in-Progress Presenter, 2014 Research Network Forum, Conference for College Composition and Communication (CCCC). Indianapolis, Indiana, March 19, 2014.


Vincent Yepez

david young

David Young| PhD student (TCR)

BS | Missouri University of Science and Technology |Chemical Engineering
MS | Missouri University of Science and Technology |Technical Communication

Research interests: Rhetoric of Science and Engineering, Cultural Rhetorics (East Asian, African-American)

Sandra Zapata

Sandy Zapata|MATC (TCR)

BA | Florida International University | English
Certificate | Florida International University | Public and professional writing

Research interests: New Media, Race, Gender, Visual Rhetoric

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