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Linguistics - Events


  • Ms. Olga Pahom will be presenting her paper "Does Syntactic Position Determine Adjective Meaning? Evidence from Romanian” at the 87th meeting of Linguistic Society of America (to take place in Boston in January 2013), which she wrote for Dr. Min-Joo Kim's graduate seminar (ENGL 5337) on the Syntax and Semantics of Noun Modifiers in Spring, 2012. Olga will be presenting the same paper at the 2nd Graduate Student Arts & Humanities Paper Conference, Texas Tech.
  • Dr. Min-Joo Kim served as an invited panelist for Women Who've stayed on the Tenure Path: Finding a Work-Life Balance, Tenure Academy Series, Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center (TLPDC), Texas Tech.
  • Dr. Min-Joo Kim has been awarded a research grant supported under FY13 Internal Competitive Funding Opportunity to Advance Scholarship in the Creative Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) of Texas Tech for her project “Adjective Ordering and Noun Phrase Internal Structure” (PI: Min-Joo Kim).
  • Olga Pahom has been named a Teaching Effectiveness And Career enHancement (TEACH) Fellow for TLPDC.
  • Dr. Mary Jane Hurst is developing an online ENGL 3371 course (Linguistics Science) and Dr. Min-Joo Kim will be developing an online ENGL 3373 course (Modern English Syntax).
  • Ms. Catherine Lee graduated with an MA in English with a linguistics concentration.
  • Dr. Min-Joo Kim gave three invited talks at the Workshop on Tense and Aspect of Korean and Japanese, Seoul National University, and at the Meeting of Language and Information, Seoul, Korea.
  • Olga Pahom has won two scholarships from the Department of English: the William Bryan Gates Graduate Award and the George T. Prigmore Scholarship.
  • An undergraduate student Cari Babitzke won the English Department's best undergraduate essay award (the 2012 J.T. McCullen Award) for a paper she wrote in English 4373 (Studies in Linguistics: Linguistic Approaches to Literature) taught by Dr. Mary Jane Hurst.
  • Three undergraduate students Cari Babitzke, Quinn Smith, and Jessica Schuhmann won all three prizes (first, second, and third place) in the Sowell Conference's 2012 essay contest for work done in English 4373 (Studies in Linguistics: Linguistic Approaches to Literature) taught by Dr. Hurst.
  • Dr. Mary Jane Hurst's paper “Transcendence and Mythic Vision in Tolstoy and Chavez” won the World Literature Award at the 2012 Conference of College Teachers of English (CCTE).
  • Dr. Min-Joo Kim has been nominated for President's Excellence in Diversity & Equity Award for Faculty.


  • Dr. Min-Joo Kim presented a paper at the Western Conference on Linguistics (WECOL) held at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Olga Pahom won the 1st prize in the Pedagogy Session at the 1st Graduate Student Arts & Humanities Paper Conference, Texas Tech.
  • Dr. Mary Jane Hurst has published a book titled Language, Gender, and Community in Late Twentieth-Century Fiction: American Voices and American Identities (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011)
  • Dr. Min-Joo Kim and Mr. Nathan Jahnke have their joint paper “The Meaning of Utterance-Final EVEN” published by the Journal of English Linguistics.
  • Dr. Min-Joo Kim, Director of the Linguistics Program, has been awarded tenure and promotion to Associate Professor.
  • Three MA students graduated: Stacey O'Brien, Ken Angell, Andrea Muru.
  • Dr. Min-Joo Kim gave two invited talks at Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, Dallas, Texas.


  • Dr. Min-Joo Kim delivered an invited colloquium talk at Department of Linguistics, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Dr. Min-Joo Kim has won a research grant from the Academy of Korean Studies Grant for her project entitled “Defining the Adjective in Korean” (AKS-2010-R36) (PI: Min-Joo Kim).
  • Andrea Muru got accepted to the PhD program in the Department of Linguistics & TESOL at UT-Arlington with full funding.
  • Dr. Stephen Parker, a renowned phonologist and phonetician and a faculty at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, came to TTU to give two guest lectures in linguistics. His visit was supported by the College of Arts and Sciences.


  • Dr. Min-Joo Kim has her paper “E-type Anaphora and Three Types of Kes-Construction in Korean” published by Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, one of the two top-tier journals in theoretical linguistics.
  • Dr. Min-Joo Kim delivered an invited colloquium talk at Department of Linguistics & TESOL, University of Texas-Arlington.
  • Dr. Min-Joo Kim has been nominated for Spencer A Wells Teaching Award.
  • Dr. Mary Jane Hurst has been selected as an American Council on Education Fellow
  • Two MA students graduated: Carly Laminack, and Laura Brandenburg.
  • Laura Brandenburg got accepted to the PhD program in Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech.
  • Andrea Muru won the English Department's George T. Prigmore Scholarship.


  • Dr. Min-Joo Kim has her paper “Relevance of Grammar and Pragmatics to the Relevancy Condition” published by the journal Language Research.
  • Andrea Muru won the English Department's Upper-Undergraduate Essay Award for the paper she wrote in the Modern English Syntax course (ENGL 3373) taught by Dr. Min-Joo Kim.
  • Dr. Min-Joo Kim made three selected conference presentations at Japanese/Korean Linguistics 18 (City University of New York-The Graduate Center, NYC), at the International Conference on East Asian Linguistics 2 (Simon Fraser Univ., Vancouver, Canada), and at the Annual LSA Meeting (Chicago, IL) (the last talk was co-presented with Nathan Jahnke, a graduate student in Linguistics at the English Department at TTU).
  • Three MA students graduated: Nathan Jahnke, Kristen Jones, and Jared Hoover.


  • Dr. Keren Rice, University of Toronto gave two lectures on Canadian indigenous languages, co-sponsored by the Dept. of English series on Race Studies, the Dept. of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, and the George H. Mahon Professorship of Law. She spoke on "Ethical models of field practice: A Canadian Perspective," and also on "A glimpse into Aboriginal language status and politics in Canada."
  • Dr. Megan Crowhurst, University of Texas at Austin, spoke on "Language Endangerment and Linguistic Fieldwork in Bolivia and in Oaxaca."
  • Professional Development Workshops for Linguistics Graduate Students:
  • Valerie Guerin, University of Hawai'i, offered a tutorial on using SIL's Toolbox software for field data.
  • Dr. Roman Taraban (TTU Psychology) did a workshop on experimental design for second language learning experiments (principles of research design) and demonstrated how to use the CHILDES child language database.
  • Drs. Min-Joo Kim and Dan Siddiqi (TTU English) conducted a session on abstract writing for linguistics conferences.


  • Dr. Jason Haugen, University of Arizona, gave a colloquium on "Morphology at Its Interfaces: Reduplication and Noun Incorporation in Hiaki (Yaqui)".
  • Dr. Phillip Carr, Universite Montpellier, gave a colloquium on Anglo-English Influences on Standard Scottish English (SSE).


  • The Department of English organized and hosted the 2005 meeting of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest conference. More than 100 presenters attended the conference, including many local linguistics faculty and students.