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Graduate Certificate in Linguistics

The Graduate Certificate in Linguistics requires 12 graduate credit hours in linguistics. This option is open to anyone eligible to take graduate courses, including non-degree seeking students. The main goal of the certificate is to provide a meaningful and internally coherent course of study of language and linguistics to match the background, interests, and needs of the individual student. In particular, this opportunity may be of interest to the following groups of people:

Requirements include 12 hours of graduate credit in linguistics. For most students, the certificate program will include four courses from the Department of English, such as: ENGL 5334 (History of the English Language), ENGL 5335 (Principles of Language), ENGL 5337 (Studies in Linguistics, which may be repeated as topics vary), and ENGL 5338 (Syntax).

However, flexibility is a necessary component of this certificate program because of the diverse backgrounds, motivations, and goals of the different students. Typically, all 12 hours for the certificate will consist of courses in the English Department's core offerings in language and linguistics, but one linguistics course may be accepted from a department other than English, such as Anthropology, Psychology, Computer Science, or Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures.

Taking into consideration the needs and interests of the individual student and in consultation with other members of linguistics faculty in the Department of English, the Director of Linguistics will specify the set of courses to be listed in a particular student's certificate program in linguistics.