Texas Tech University

Linguistics - Courses

Undergraduate Course Offerings

  • ENGL 2371 - Language in a Multicultural America
    *Satisfies the multicultural and humanities general education requirements
    This course examines language in the U.S. as it relates to race, gender, class, religion, and ethnicity.
  • ENGL 3371 - Linguistic Science
    This course serves as an introduction to the study of linguistics.
  • ENGL 3372 - History of the English Language
    An historical and descriptive survey of the English language in the context of the cultural development of the English-speaking peoples.
  • ENGL 3373 - Modern English Syntax
    The syntactic and morphological analysis of modern English.
  • ENGL 4300 - Individual Studies in English
    When approved for linguistics topics - contact the Director of Linguistics
  • ENGL 4371 - Language and Community
    Combines community service (tutoring language and literacy) with theory (readings and discussions on linguistics, language, race/ethnicity). May be repeated once for credit when topics vary.
  • ENGL 4373 Studies in Linguistics
    Intensive examination of one or more issues in the study of language. May be repeated once for credit when topics vary.

Special Topics Courses for Undergraduate Students

In the past several years, we have offered ENGL 4373 under a variety of special topics. Dr. Kim has taught it as Semantics and also Languages of the World, Dr. Braver has taught it as Structure of Sign Languages, and Dr. Hurst has taught it as Language in Literature. For more details, check out their faculty webpages for course syllabi.


Graduate Course Offerings

  • ENGL 5335 - Principles of Language
    A broad introduction to the major subfields of descriptive and applied linguistics. Covers theoretical and practical issues in modern analyses of language.
  • ENGL 5337 - Studies in Linguistics
    Special topics. May be repeated when the topic varies.
  • ENGL 5338 - Syntax
    This course surveys syntactic analysis and generative syntactic theory.
  • ENGL 5339 - Phonology
    This course surveys the study of sound patterns, phonological description and analysis, and generative phonological theory.

We also have faculty who offer courses in the historical development of English. They teach these three courses, one of which satisfies the early British literature requirement for linguistics students.

  • ENGL 5334 - History of the English Language
    An exploration of the external and internal history of the English language and the people who speak it. Considers linguistic, historical, and literary materials.
  • ENGL 5301 - Old English
    Survey of the grammar and vocabulary of Old English together with readings.
  • ENGL 5303 - Studies in Medieval British Literature
    Counts when focusing on Middle English grammar and vocabulary.

Special Topics Courses for Graduate Students

ENGL 5337 has been offered by each of the core linguistics faculty in recent semesters. During Fall 2007, Dr. Hurst taught the course as Language and Gender. Dr. Kim has taught the course as Semantics, and Dr. Braver has taught the course as Perception, Cognition, and Language. For more details, check out their faculty webpages for course syllabi.