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Linguistics - Undergraduate Minor

Undergraduate students can pursue the study of language and linguistics by earning an interdisciplinary minor in linguistics composed of courses covering four main areas.  Students take 18 hours worth of courses drawn from a variety of departments on campus.   All minors must take one introduction to linguistics (from Group A below), plus five additional courses covering these three areas:  courses dealing intensively with a single language or restricted group of languages, courses dealing with applied uses of linguistics and historical linguistics, and courses relating linguistics to other fields.

We encourage students to work with a faculty member in linguistics to develop an appropriate degree plan for the minor. 



Students must take three hours from Group A (introductory courses);  it is the only group in which students may take only one course.  Students take three hours each from Group B, C, and D.  Group B courses are largely grouped as courses that focus intensively on a single language or restricted group of languages.  Group C courses deal with applied uses of linguistics and historical linguistics, and Group D courses relate linguistics to other fields.  The remaining six hours can come from any group except A.


Courses by Groupings

Group A

  • ANTH 3305 - Anthropological Linguistics
  • ENGL 3371 - Linguistic Science
  • LING 4335 - Introduction to Linguistics for Second and Foreign Language Education

Group B

  • ASL 3312 - Introduction to Deaf Culture and Linguistics
  • ENGL 3373 -  Modern English Syntax
  • FREN 4302 - Advanced Grammar and Composition
  • GERM 4301 - Grammar
  • LAT 4302 - Latin Composition
  • SPAN 4303 - Advanced Conversation
  • SPAN 4305 - Advanced Grammar

Group C

  •  EDBL 3337 - Content Area Development for English as a Second Language Populations
  • ENGL 3372 - History of the English Language
  • ENGL 4373 - Studies in Linguistics
  • LING 4311 - Methods of Teaching Second and Foreign Languages

Group D

  • ANTH 3351 - Language and Culture
  • COMS 3332 - Intercultural Communication
  • EDBL 3334 - Dual Language and Cognitive Development in Bilingual Programs
  • EDLL 3352 - Language and Literacy Acquisition
  • ENGL 2371 - Language in a Multicultural America
  • ENGL 4371 - Language and Community
  • ENGL 4300 - Individual Studies in English (when pertaining to linguistics topics)
  • PHIL 4310 - Advanced Logic
  • PHIL 4331 - Philosophy of Language
  • PSY 4324 - Cognition
  • PSY 4343 - Language and Literacy Research and Applications


Catalog Update

The courses above represent updates made for the 2008-9 academic year catalog.  Students who entered before that year and started a minor degree plan may wish to consult with previous catalogs, as some departments have deleted or changed numbering for courses that previously satisfied the minor.

For more information on the linguistics minor, please contact Dr. Min-Joo Kim at min-joo.kim@ttu.edu.