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The Media Lab is a space to explore ideas related to new media and teaching, research, service, and grant writing. The Media Lab supports students, faculty, and staff in English specifically and in the university generally to think through best practice uses of technology, to learn how to compose media with technology, and to sustain media-rich projects.

Director: Dr. Kendall Gerdes

Graduate Assistant
Rachel Rayl

Fall 2017 Hours


Announcing the New Director, Dr. Kendall Gerdes
Dr. Kendall Gerdes is taking over as the new Director of the Media Lab. Read the Department's Spotlight about Dr. Gerdes.
Instruction Design Contest
The Media Lab sponsors an Instruction Design Contest for students in English 2311. Submissions are due Monday, May 1. Congratulations to previous winners, which can be viewed on the contest page.
Invent and Play with littleBits in the Media Lab
Come to the Media Lab to invent and play with littleBits

What does the Media Lab Offer?

Contact or visit the Media Lab for assistance with:

  • software and hardware
  • designing programs, brochures, and flyers
  • document design & layout
  • video equipment & editing
  • assignment planning
  • technology demos and workshops
  • poster creation
  • website design & planning
  • videoconferencing space
  • studio space
  • accessibility

Media Lab's Calendar

The embedded calendar below shows Lab hours and when the Lab is reserved or holding events.


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