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The Media Lab is a space to explore ideas related to new media and teaching, research, service, and grant writing. The ML is not a production studio. Instead, it supports students, faculty, and staff in English specifically and in the university generally to think through best practice uses of technology, to learn how to compose media with technology, and to sustain media-rich projects.

English 2311 Students and Teachers: The Media Lab is sponsoring an Instruction Design Contest. Talk to your teacher or contact the Medial Lab for more information.

Here are some tasks we can help you with; see the Twitter feed below for what we're working on now:

Media Lab

room 362 | 806.742.7159

Dr. Michael J. Faris

Graduate Assistants
Andrea Beaudin
Erica Baumle

Attendant Schedule
Faculty and grad students can contact the director for keycode access.


Fall 2015 hours

  • Mondays 10–1
  • Tuesdays 11–3
  • Wednesdays 10–3
  • Thursdays 10–12