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Media Lab: littleBits

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littleBits modules arranged to spell out "LittleBits"

The Media Lab has purchased kits of littleBits, modular tools piece together with magnets and can be used to create all sorts of automated machines. Students can visit the Lab to play with littleBits and design new inventions, create documentation around inventing with littleBits, and explore and play. See videos below and links to sample student-created instructions.

littleBits Inventions: Promotional Video

littleBits Inventions: The Chicken

littleBits Inventions: Study Station

Here is a video that documents an intentional fail at creating an automated study station:

littleBits Inventions: Some Instructions

If you are an instructor interested in students redesigning instruction sets, you can use this littleBits Instructions Revision assignment sheet. Students in Dr. Faris's New Media Rhetoric also created revised instruction sets for the following projects:

Special thanks to Andrew Blick, Leslie Hankey, Jack Labriola, Rick Mangum, and Jamie May for playing with littleBits and creating the videos and instruction sets posted on this page!