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Location: English & Philosophy Building Room 362
Email: english.medialab@ttu.edu

Faculty and grad students can contact the director for keycode access.

Current Staff

Photo of Dr. Gerdes

Dr. Kendall Gerdes

Director | bio

Dr. Gerdes began directing the Media Lab in the fall of 2017. She teaches in the TCR program, and her research interests include rhetorical theory and history, digital rhetoric, especially videogame design and pedagogy, as well as sensory rhetorics, feminist and queer theory, and ethics. She has published on teaching digital literacy with alternate reality games in the journal Kairos.

Katie Sanchez

Graduate Assistant, 2018-Present

Previous Directors

image of Dr. Michael J. Faris

Dr. Michael J. Faris

Director (2015–2017)| bio

Dr. Faris began directing the Media Lab in Summer 2015. He teaches in the TCR program, and his research interests include digital rhetoric and literacy practices, social media, digital privacy, mobile technologies, feminist and queer rhetorics, and composition and technical communication pedagogy.

profile picture of Dr. Rich Rice

Dr. Rich Rice

Director (2006–2014) | bio

Dr. Rice founded the English Department Media Lab in 2006 (then titled the Multiple Literacy Lab, or MULL). His research interests include contemporary composition and rhetoric, new media, TA training, portfolio assessment, intercultural communication, distance education, and service-learning.

Former Staff

Photo of Rachel Rayl

Rachel Rayl

Graduate Assistant, 2017–2018

Rachel is a M.A. student at Texas Tech University, studying technical communication and rhetoric. Her research interests (currently) include data visualization, technical communication within the video game industry, and user-centered design. Current research project include designing video games that represent different narratives than current narrative tropes that most video games are centered around. In her spare time, she also enjoys designing and editing websites to make them more user-friendly and accessible.

Image of Ian Weaver

Ian Weaver

Graduate Assistant, 2016–2017

Ian is a PhD candidate at Texas Tech University, studying technical communication and rhetoric. His research interests include science and institutional rhetorics, risk communication, data visualization, user-centered design, visual thinking pedagogy, and service learning. His dissertation research looks at how meteorologists from the National Weather Service include social media participants' data in their forecasts as a type of participatory design by looking specifically at how a volunteer group validates social data for the weather service.

Profile picture of Justin Hall

Justin Hall

Graduate Assistant, 2016–2017

Justin is an MA student in the Technical Communication and Rhetoric program. His research interests include multimodal composition, multimodal pedagogy, new media, philosophy of technology, visual rhetoric, data visualization, visual thinking pedagogy, and drawing to learn. He enjoys the challenge of innovating new ways to use technologies and helping to guide others through all stages of the learning and composing processes.

Profile picture of Andrea Beaudin

Andrea L. Beaudin

Graduate Assistant, 2012–2016

Andrea is a doctoral candidate in Technical Communication and Rhetoric. She is currently working on her dissertation, which is a user experience (UX) evaluation of student response to instructor feedback. As a lab assistant, she's helped faculty and students with graphic design, websites, interactive eLearning technologies, and video production. She always enjoys a challenge.

Photo of Erica EllingSon BaumleErica EllingSon Baumle

Graduate Assistant, 2014–2016

Erica is a PhD candidate in the Technical Communication and Rhetoric program. Her dissertation focuses on understanding the user experience and usability of the technical communication created by gamers in online gaming community support sites. As a media lab assistant, she works with students and faculty on accessibility issues, multimodal class assignments, and video and audio projects. Her favorite part of working in the Media Lab is helping students learn to work in collaborative groups.