Texas Tech University

Getting your TechMail messages in Gmail

In January of 2008, Texas Tech ceased allowing you to forward email from your Tech email address (e.g. kristen.smith@ttu.edu) to another account, e.g. your Gmail account. However, as of this writing (late March of 2008), you can still configure Gmail to automatically check your TechMail account and download messages sent there.

To do this, first log in to your Gmail account using a Web browser, then click on the Settings link at the upper right.

A series of links appears, displayed above. Click the "Accounts" tab. A list of settings appears.

Next to "Get mail from other accounts," click the "Add another mail account" link, as shown above.

A new window appears with an input box in which to type your TechMail address. This is the address to which people send you email at Tech. Enter it, then click "Next Step."

You're almost done now. Next to "Username," enter the following:


In other words, you type ttu (slash) your eRaider username (slash) the part of your TechMail address before the @ sign. If your TechMail address were kristen.smith@ttu.edu and your eRaider username were ksmith, then you would enter:


There may already be some information in this box; it is safe to delete it and replace it with the correct information for your eRaider and TechMail account.

Finally, enter your TechMail password in the box next to "Password."

You can choose to leave copies of the messages Gmail retrieves in your TechMail account. This way you can access email sent to your TechMail account through both TechMail and Gmail. However, this way, you would have to look at every message twice—once in Gmail and once in TechMail.

You can also choose to label messages Gmail downloads from your TechMail account with a special @ttu.edu label. This will help you visually identify such mail. However, you can always tell to which address mail was sent by opening the message and looking at the "To:" line in the header.

To finish, click the "Add Account" button. Gmail will now automatically check your TechMail account every few minutes. Note, though, that this action is not supported by Texas Tech University and may cease to function properly at any time. Therefore, you should check your TechMail account frequently to make sure no messages are being left behind there. Also, you may be unable to receive messages sent to your TechMail address with large attachments in Gmail.