Texas Tech University

Literature: The Possibilities Await


Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree PhD Degree



The Department of English aims to develop the reading and writing skills of students, increase their understanding of contemporary discourse and literary heritage, and strengthen their creative and analytical abilities through excellence in research, teaching and service. Our higher degrees encourage students to prepare across several literary periods and genres, including:

  • Early British Literature
  • Later British Literature
  • American Literature
  • Comparative Literature, Globalization, and Translation

Career Paths

Literature students are valuable in an indefinite number of fields. For example, the following examples illustrate the potential career paths a student can pursue with the knowledge they gain from this program.

The following is a partial list of the different jobs within technical communication:

  • English teacher or professor
  • Publishing assistant
  • Editorial assistant
  • Copywriter
  • Copy editor
  • Social media manager


Dr. Julie Nelson Couch
Program Director and Graduate Advisor

Eleanor Mode
Advising, Undergraduate