Texas Tech University

Required Content for Syllabi

Syllabi must detail your class policies regarding:

  • Expected learning objectives and methods of assessment (see following)
  • Course texts and materials
  • Reading and writing assignments
  • Quizzes and examinations (including the final exam)
  • Expectations for class participation
  • Office hours, office number, and contact information
  • Attendance/absence (including accommodation for religious holidays)
  • Civility in the classroom
    e.g., “students are expected to assist in maintaining a classroom environment that is conducive to learning. In order to assure that all students have the opportunity to gain from time spent in class, unless otherwise approved by the instructor, students are prohibited from engaging in any form of distraction. Inappropriate behavior in the classroom may result in a directive to leave class.”
  • Plagiarism and academic integrity
  • Accommodation for disabilities
    e.g., “any student who because of a disability may require special arrangements in order to meet course requirements should contact the instructor as soon as possible to make necessary accommodations.”

Outcomes and Assessments on all Syllabi

TTU operating policies stipulate that all course syllabi must include information on learning outcomes and methods of assessment. Expected learning outcomes are the things a student should know or be able to do after completing your course.

Assessment methods are formative instead of summative and may be either

  • Graded, e.g., papers, exams, quizzes
  • Ungraded, e.g., class discussions, postings to class bulletin boards, collaborative activities, question/answer sessions

Assessment methods allow you to identify what students aren't learning in time for you to do something about it, such as review key material, better emphasize essential points, incorporate practice quizzes, revise class activities, or direct students to outside resources.