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BA in Technical Communication

What is Technical Communication?

Why Major in Technical Communication?

You like writing, editing, and design

Technical communication requires careful attention to language and design, both in print and online. As a BATC major, you will learn how to sharpen communication to make it more usable and effective - and to give it the biggest possible impact on the world.

You'd like to make a good living

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the median annual salary for technical communicators was $69,030 in 2014. Similarly, Money magazine recently ranked technical communication as one of their Best Jobs in America.

You like working with technology

Technical communicators work primarily through digital media, including web sites, video, and social media.  And most of the jobs in technical communication are in high-tech areas such as software development, manufacturing, government, and health care.

You like working with people and helping to make their lives better

As a technical communicator, you will work in a team of experts to help solve complex problems for people from next door to across the globe. Technical communication majors learn how to find out what people want and need and create communications that help them get where they want to go. Doing so requires good people skills and a creative, flexible mind-set.

You want skills that will help you wherever life takes you

As a BATC major, you will learn skills that transfer to nearly any job or industry where you might find opportunity knocking. Those skills include

  • Helping people solve problems by explaining things to them clearly and effectively
  • Communicating with people from all walks of life and from across the world
  • Working in teams
  • Using technology to build understanding

These are skills that employers want. According to Bloomberg, teamwork and communication are among the top skills employers seek. The 2015 National Association of Colleges and Employees Job Outliook Handbook found that an average of 70% of  employers value written and oral communication skills while nearly 78% value a potential employee's ability to work in a team. These skills, along with many more, are emphasized in the BATC degree.

You want to learn from a world class faculty

Texas Tech's program in Technical Communication & Rhetoric (TCR) has the largest faculty in the world for programs of its kind. Seventeen well-known scholars teach BATC students in classes with a low student-teacher ratio, so you'll get plenty of personal attention.

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