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Careers in Technical Communication

The job market for technical communicators is excellent, especially in companies related to computers or computer applications. Many graduates work in software or hardware documentation. Increasingly, graduates are developing multimedia and World Wide Web materials.

In addition to writing software and hardware documentation, technical communicators may write proposals, marketing materials, public relations materials, or internal organization documents such as reports and newsletters. Some graduates work in medical, environmental, agricultural, or business environments.

Current Openings for Individuals with Undergraduate Degrees

The jobs posted here reflect inquiries directly to Texas Tech University and do not represent the whole job market in technical communication. All the jobs require at least a bachelor's degree in technical communication or a related background. Old descriptions remain at the site for information for students about job qualifications and types of jobs. Thus, positions with dates more than a month old are likely to be filled already, but some companies have periodic openings.

Other Job Prospects

For a more extensive list of job prospects (not limited to technical communication), please see the following:

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