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Internship Policies

The TCR faculty highly recommend that students complete an internship. The internship course is ENGL 4378. Internships require that you create a portfolio, write a research paper, and submit your materials to your internship mentor. A TTU TCR faculty member must agree to serve as your mentor. You are responsible for finding a faculty member to mentor you.

Finding an internship

You have two options for internships. In all cases, the internship must involve workplace writing or similar skills you learned in the BATC.

Setting up Your Own Internship

You may choose to find an internship in a city of your choice with a firm that you might want to work for. Many companies offer internships that are not part of the TTU-TCR internship program. You can find out about these internships by

Applying for Established Internships

The TCR program sometimes partners with companies to offer internships. These internships require an application and review process. For details, contact Dr. Koerber.

Starting an Internship

Internship Agreement

Before the internship begins, you, your faculty advisor, and your workplace sponsor must agree to the terms of the internship. These terms include:

The agreement can be a memo that the responsible parties sign.

Internship Proposal

The internship proposal is a short proposal to the Director of TCR including the following items:


Research Paper

The internship requires a substantial research paper on a topic related to the internship work


The blogfolio is a private blog shared to the internship supervisor. It should also serve as a place for you to collect documents that you developed as part of your internship, along with your descriptions and commentaries on your experiences and accomplishments.


Your internship grade is determined as follows:

Your work supervisor does not assign the course grade (because that person is not a Texas Tech faculty member in English), but that person may write an assessment of your performance and professionalism that the faculty member will consider in assigning the grade.